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1. "You have mentioned a few times that you are unable to work out regularly... why is that? Are you injured"
I am actually not injured per se, but I am battling chronic illnesses right now. I have endometriosis and some GI {gastrointestinal} issues. Over the past nearly two years these struggles have transformed my life. I have been through surgery, hospital stays, many tests and come out with only minimal answers. There are days that I am in so much pain I struggle to walk. Sometimes I have issues with my digestion and tummy that are unspeakable. It has been so frustrating! I have gotten through it only with the strong support of my family and friends, and my faith. Some days I do get really down and frustrated, but mostly I am at a point where I am able to function and I am determined to get through this without becoming bitter about life. I think this whole experience is teaching me so much about life including patience, sincerity, compassion and to always remember that each person we come across in life is living their own story, and to always give the benefit of the doubt. My blog helps me get through this. It's something I can do while I am laying on my couch with my heating pad on! I don't have to be able to get up and run around to interact with all you lovely people, and to write about my passions. I hope that by hearing my story, maybe I can connect with others who are dealing with chronic illness and need help staying positive and hopeful!

2. "You look so fit, what kind of exercise regimen do you follow??"
First off, thank you for the kind words! Two things: genetics and lifestyle. Basically, because of my current health status, I am unable to keep a regular work out schedule. However, I have always had a healthy lifestyle. My mom has always been a tomboy and competitive athlete. My dad was a professional basketball player. So I was usually in some kind of sport growing up, and we ate balanced, nutritious meals. We were required to eat fruits and vegetables and we weren't allowed to drink soda. I hated that rule, but I have never been a soda drinker probably thanks to my parents. Anyway, that lifestyle has carried into my adulthood. I have a strong love of chocolate and eat some daily, but I still  keep things balanced in my diet. I really limit the amount of processed foods I eat, and I eat organic as much as possible. It's expensive but I think of it as investing in my health!
And although I cannot always work out the way I used to, I make time daily to do something. Sometimes that's just stretching. But other times it could be a long run outside, running stairs, Yoga dvds and I am interested in trying belly dancing! I would say primarily I'm a runner, but these days my workouts are way more well rounded with other activities since running can be tough on my body with all the pounding. My biggest tip is to be active and have a well balanced {clean} diet! Don't deprive yourself. If you crave something, have it. Just use moderation. I eat chocolate every day but many days that's just a square or two of dark chocolate- not a whole bar.

3. "Can you describe your eating habits?"

Answered in THIS post

Call me a total dork, but I love reader questions and love to answer so ask away!! 


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