Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellow is Definitely My Color...

Hey there!! Can you believe it?!! Another post in the same month!! Haha...

I went out to my brother's track meet (which he dominated) and grocery shopping in this outfit. I got lots of compliments on it... my favorite was the guy who checked me out at New Seasons. He said, "Girl, you're lookin' good!! Yellow is definitely your color!!" Thanks, New Seasons Dude. What a nice guy! 

I actually love this tank! I got another one in orange and I have to admit I'm temped to head back to Nordstrom Rack for more colors :)

Spring is off to a fabulous start!! I'm staying quite busy but loving life just the same. Not much here to report on other than the weather has been FANTASTIC!! According to the local news, Portland's first 90* day didn't come until August last year!! This year the first one was early May. I say BRING IT!! I won't complain no matter how hot it is!! I love it!! 

How have you all been?? Enjoying Spring-almost-Summer time??

top: Nordstrom Rack
cami: Old Navy
jeans: Nordstrom Rack by Paige Jeans
wedges: Dolce Vita for Target

Hopefully I'll be back this week with a FITNESS post!!! 
Stay tuned!

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