Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner & Stuff!

The winner of the giveaway is Aries! Congrats, girl!! I need your contact info so I can send it to my friends at Trop50!

Update on Auntie: She had surgery on her lung on Thursday. She is recovering, but the recovery is long and still somewhat dicey. She could be in the icu for up to 8 more weeks. :/

Auntie K and me 

Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts! I've received the sweetest tweets from some of you! Thank YOU!!!

I'm a little bummed right now because I'm sick. As much as I want to visit Auntie, I know I shouldn't risk getting her sick, so I'm keeping my distance. Also, some crazy other stuff going on around here. I'll be back soon!!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About Me: If You Looked...

There's been quite a bit of traffic on my 'About Me' page recently. I don't have too much info on there, and thought I should tell you all more about me! I got this idea when I was reading The Lean Green Bean Blog last week. I hope you enjoy the format, I thought it was fun to read! 

If you looked into my home you'd see:

+ a small, trendy city condo
+ candles
+ lots of books
+ workout equipment
+ framed photos
+ dried roses and flower boquets

If you looked into my car you'd see:

+ a mess
+ empty water bottles
+ Cliff Bar wrappers
+ downtown parking citations {ha!}

If you looked into my email you'd see:

+ funny emails between the bff and I
+ work stuff
+ LOTS of blog stuff
+ Pinterest & Olioboard notifications

If you looked into my Blackberry you'd see:

+ snapshots of my nieces
creepy eyes, me and Addie!
+ snapshots of Baby Ian {the precious boy I nanny part time}

+ daily calls between me and the bff If you looked into my head you'd see:

+ hopes and dreams
+ long to-do lists
+ ideas
+ thoughts of my loved ones
+ anxiety about almost everything

If you looked into my heart you'd see:

+ PASSION for:
 my family and friends
health and fitness
+ hope for the future
+ love, support, gratitude and pride for my J
+ a desire to change the inner city violence among blacks in our country
+ desire to help and mentor teen moms
+ prayers for my Auntie
+ a desire to spread my passions for health and fitness
Brian Stevenson Photography
+ a whole lot of love for you readers!!! Thank you for the constant support!!!

Thank you, Lindsay for the idea!! I think I'm going to go ahead and post this on my "About Me" page :)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Step It Up!

Hey Friends!! It's that time again:: FIT TUESDAY*!! Remember this post about depression? Well, that day I went and did the awesome stair workout. I mean, AWESOME!! Due to my emotional/mental state that day, I hadn't fueled and hydrated properly, so I did have to keep this workout shorter than usual. What I love about this stair work-out though, is that it's very high intensity, so a half hour is good!
*this may not be my best... I typed this sitting in the hospital room with Auntie on very little sleep :)

Here are the stairs, they are about 8 or 9 stories high:

I did these up and then down, then up again. At the top the view looks like this:

Then after that I run on the street down a hill and back to the stairs. It's one quarter of a mile. Next, it's back up and down the stairs again and back down the hill... repeat, etc. 

It's so good for your legs and booty!! SO GOOD! 

Afterwards, there's a steep hill that I do sprints on. This particular day I only did a few sprints because I wasn't fueled properly, but It was a great workout that boosted my mood almost immediately! I highly recommend hills and stairs. It's high intensity and quick! And you feel it!

Once I finished, I did a cool down lap on the stair hill in a slow jog and went inside to my yoga mat and stability ball for some stretching and abs.

See, there are ways to get tough workouts in without going to the gym or running miles and miles!! 

Do you have any local stairs to run? 
Or any outside or home workouts you do???

Recent Outfit Post
Stay Tuned for the *winner* of the spa giveaway {now closed}

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orange & Stripes!

Since it's finally been dry and sunny here recently, I have been considering wearing my orange skinnies from H&M. Honestly, I wasn't sure I had the guts to do it! Anyway, one of my daily reads is Color Me Blue. I came upon this post the other day that inspired me and gave me the final push I needed to wear those babies!! Mandy styled them perfectly!! I didn't go for her exact look, as you can see, but here's what I came up with.

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I chose short sleeves because J and I were heading to a {really fun} Superbowl party after church, and I knew it would be warm and crowded. It ended up being perfect!

Pin It
all ready to go!

Pin It

top: Old Navy
skinnies: H & M
stilettos: Jessica Simpson Collection
leather jacket: Cole Haan

What do you think about this look?? 

I got lots of stares at church. Haha. But at the Superbowl party a few friends told me they never would have paired these pieces together, however they liked the look. I also have been playing with my eye shadows more. This board on my Pinterest has some eye make-up inspiration I've been using as a guide. Unfortunately I took the make up photo at the end of the day, so you couldn't see the colors as well. Sorry about that!

The middle is a greenish color and the outside is a deep purple with a little smoky black powder to line the top and bottom.

Update on my Auntie: I stayed last night in the ICU with her. She's still very ill but today my mom said she was alert, which is a huge step!! She still has a long way to go, but every bit of progress is FABULOUS!! Thank you for the kind comments and tweets!!

Monday 2/6 is the LAST DAY to enter the SPA giveaway!! CLICK HERE to enter. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, 2/7.


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Prom Night

So, as I said in Friday's post, I had a surprise to tell you all about. My friend, Amanda, who I've been close with since we were 14 years old, turns the big 3-0 on Monday. She also has the sweetest husband on the planet!! He called me a couple of months ago to ask for my help with a surprise birthday for her. Since she didn't go to the prom in high school, he threw a PROM for her!! Is that not soooo adorable?? So tonight J and I went. It was a lot of fun and I got to see some other great people I hadn't seen in years. I also got to introduce J to Amanda's parents, who I was really close with as a teenager. I thought I'd share some of the photos of our night. It was definitely fun to get away and let loose in light of what's been going on lately. As I sit here in my Auntie's ICU room watching her sleep, I was able to upload the photos and thought I'd share them.

Here's my make up from tonight- taken while I'm sitting in the hospital, clearly not in my dress anymore. :) I loved the way it turned out!
The photo area was even classic high school prom!! 
Amanda, the birthday woman

reunited with Hallie after many years!
MY FINE prom date!! Can't wait to get the professional ones back!

Friends, this was so. much. fun!! I really needed this night!!

Any fun plans for your weekend??

Have you entered my SPA giveaway?? DO IT!

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Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi Friends, and happy Friday to you all!!! I know I haven't been blogging this week. There's just a lot going on right now!! Besides some battles I recently divulged {which is improving despite circumstances, I should add} it's family time. Things are crazy busy in my life right now, and on top of that, a dear dear loved one is sick. My Auntie K. She's that family member who's a little unpredictable- at times she says off the wall things that could be slightly embarassing, depending on who's around!! You know, that one? She's hilarious, but also one of the most caring people I know. She's so loving. Auntie never had children or got married. She moved to Oregon to be near my immediate family over ten years ago and Auntie is ALWAYS there for us. She is the most supportive person I know! Without fail she's at all my younger brother's football games despite her health issues. She's always at every family function with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. She's so quick to give even when she probably should rest. She is patient, kind, humble and doting on her nieces and nephews. Every. Single. Time I see my Auntie K I know I'm going to hear how sweet and special and intelligent and beautiful I am. That's her heart. And she loves Jesus with all that she is. Well, Auntie is in the icu right now. She has congestive heart failure and is extremely ill. My mom is in cardiology, so she understands the ins and outs of all of this. She also works in the hospital where Auntie is, and says she's receiving the best care we could ask for. Wow, what a blessing. So this weekend I'll be taking shifts with my mom and another Auntie of mine, to support her and make sure she's never alone. That said, I'd love the prayers, good thoughts, etc. Mom says she expects a full recovery so that's what we are all hoping and praying for!! In the mean time, I do have super fun plans on Saturday night that I can't wait to tell you all about!! It's a surprise for a friend though, so I can't announce until afterwards!
Auntie L, Me, Mom, Whit {cousin}, Erin {Sis-in-Law} Auntie K
Christmas Eve 2010
Allow me to share #798374 why J is perfect for me: after a long, rough day for us both, he pulls out the Bible to read me some encouraging wisdom. Dang, I'm blessed!!

Oh, go check out Carissa- I stumbled upon her blog and she is HILARIOUS!! Especially this post about a couple reality stars we all love to hate. :)

It ends on Monday

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