Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Step It Up!

Hey Friends!! It's that time again:: FIT TUESDAY*!! Remember this post about depression? Well, that day I went and did the awesome stair workout. I mean, AWESOME!! Due to my emotional/mental state that day, I hadn't fueled and hydrated properly, so I did have to keep this workout shorter than usual. What I love about this stair work-out though, is that it's very high intensity, so a half hour is good!
*this may not be my best... I typed this sitting in the hospital room with Auntie on very little sleep :)

Here are the stairs, they are about 8 or 9 stories high:

I did these up and then down, then up again. At the top the view looks like this:

Then after that I run on the street down a hill and back to the stairs. It's one quarter of a mile. Next, it's back up and down the stairs again and back down the hill... repeat, etc. 

It's so good for your legs and booty!! SO GOOD! 

Afterwards, there's a steep hill that I do sprints on. This particular day I only did a few sprints because I wasn't fueled properly, but It was a great workout that boosted my mood almost immediately! I highly recommend hills and stairs. It's high intensity and quick! And you feel it!

Once I finished, I did a cool down lap on the stair hill in a slow jog and went inside to my yoga mat and stability ball for some stretching and abs.

See, there are ways to get tough workouts in without going to the gym or running miles and miles!! 

Do you have any local stairs to run? 
Or any outside or home workouts you do???

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