Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi Friends, and happy Friday to you all!!! I know I haven't been blogging this week. There's just a lot going on right now!! Besides some battles I recently divulged {which is improving despite circumstances, I should add} it's family time. Things are crazy busy in my life right now, and on top of that, a dear dear loved one is sick. My Auntie K. She's that family member who's a little unpredictable- at times she says off the wall things that could be slightly embarassing, depending on who's around!! You know, that one? She's hilarious, but also one of the most caring people I know. She's so loving. Auntie never had children or got married. She moved to Oregon to be near my immediate family over ten years ago and Auntie is ALWAYS there for us. She is the most supportive person I know! Without fail she's at all my younger brother's football games despite her health issues. She's always at every family function with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. She's so quick to give even when she probably should rest. She is patient, kind, humble and doting on her nieces and nephews. Every. Single. Time I see my Auntie K I know I'm going to hear how sweet and special and intelligent and beautiful I am. That's her heart. And she loves Jesus with all that she is. Well, Auntie is in the icu right now. She has congestive heart failure and is extremely ill. My mom is in cardiology, so she understands the ins and outs of all of this. She also works in the hospital where Auntie is, and says she's receiving the best care we could ask for. Wow, what a blessing. So this weekend I'll be taking shifts with my mom and another Auntie of mine, to support her and make sure she's never alone. That said, I'd love the prayers, good thoughts, etc. Mom says she expects a full recovery so that's what we are all hoping and praying for!! In the mean time, I do have super fun plans on Saturday night that I can't wait to tell you all about!! It's a surprise for a friend though, so I can't announce until afterwards!
Auntie L, Me, Mom, Whit {cousin}, Erin {Sis-in-Law} Auntie K
Christmas Eve 2010
Allow me to share #798374 why J is perfect for me: after a long, rough day for us both, he pulls out the Bible to read me some encouraging wisdom. Dang, I'm blessed!!

Oh, go check out Carissa- I stumbled upon her blog and she is HILARIOUS!! Especially this post about a couple reality stars we all love to hate. :)

It ends on Monday

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  1. Healing wishes sent your way!! 
    I think you hit the jackpot with that boyfriend of yours ;)

  2. I am sending nothing but awesome, positive things your way.  Definitely praying for you and your family, girl! :)


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