Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About Me: If You Looked...

There's been quite a bit of traffic on my 'About Me' page recently. I don't have too much info on there, and thought I should tell you all more about me! I got this idea when I was reading The Lean Green Bean Blog last week. I hope you enjoy the format, I thought it was fun to read! 

If you looked into my home you'd see:

+ a small, trendy city condo
+ candles
+ lots of books
+ workout equipment
+ framed photos
+ dried roses and flower boquets

If you looked into my car you'd see:

+ a mess
+ empty water bottles
+ Cliff Bar wrappers
+ downtown parking citations {ha!}

If you looked into my email you'd see:

+ funny emails between the bff and I
+ work stuff
+ LOTS of blog stuff
+ Pinterest & Olioboard notifications

If you looked into my Blackberry you'd see:

+ snapshots of my nieces
creepy eyes, me and Addie!
+ snapshots of Baby Ian {the precious boy I nanny part time}

+ daily calls between me and the bff If you looked into my head you'd see:

+ hopes and dreams
+ long to-do lists
+ ideas
+ thoughts of my loved ones
+ anxiety about almost everything

If you looked into my heart you'd see:

+ PASSION for:
 my family and friends
health and fitness
+ hope for the future
+ love, support, gratitude and pride for my J
+ a desire to change the inner city violence among blacks in our country
+ desire to help and mentor teen moms
+ prayers for my Auntie
+ a desire to spread my passions for health and fitness
Brian Stevenson Photography
+ a whole lot of love for you readers!!! Thank you for the constant support!!!

Thank you, Lindsay for the idea!! I think I'm going to go ahead and post this on my "About Me" page :)

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  1. I love this post. It's really fun learning about you, and all that stuff! I never really think about it, but you can learn so much just about a person just from what you mentioned. As always, I love your photos. They are always fantastic. That text message is SO sweet. 

  2. Wow I loved this post. It let me feel like I know you a bit better. :)

  3. Love the post!!! I want to do one on my blog:)


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