Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Link Love

Hi Friends!!

I don't usually do these posts, but there are a few posts I read in the last couple of days that I felt I should share with you:

 + Fitness Goals by Jessica over at Monster-Cakes This is a short and sweet post about Jessica's fitness goals. What I love about it, is it's all about loving YOU! Go, Jessica! Ah, I love her blog!!

+Things Blogging has Taught Me by Lindsay at Lean Green Bean. Bloggers, we can all relate no matter what your blog is about! Check her out!!

+ Weight Loss Journey: Tale of Mother and Daughter by Collette over at Statements in Fashion Looking at her you would never know that she's a Weight Watchers member who has lost a significant amount of weight. Way to go, Collette! Read this post to see how her and her daughter have found their healthy lifestyles!

+ Polka Dot Jeans and My Relationship With Food by Elissa at Dress with Courage If you've ever read Elissa's blog, you know it's filled with eloquent posts from the heart. Her honestly and transparency is something I value so much. Her posts are thought-provoking and inspiring and she is a truly gifted writer!!

+ My New Favorite Song and... by Janae at Hungry Runner Girl Check out how she does workouts with her playlists!! It's simply brilliant!

+ Trick Up the Sleeve by Dani at Life's A Journal featured a really cool DIY on how to turn your blazer into a statement piece!! I might have to try this one :)

A little something for you to ponder:

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  1. Love the quote ! Great blog !

  2. Thanks for the lovin' toots! I feel the same way about you. I love your positive attitude and emphasis on inward beauty.

  3. Thank you, Jessica!! Your kindness means a lot!!


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