Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reader Q & A: What do you eat?

Recently, I asked you all if you had any questions for me, or post requests via Twitter and Facebook. One question was:
"What kinds of foods do you eat?"
Answer: It's difficult to know the best way to answer this question. I'll start by saying my very favorite foods are pasta and dark chocolate, and yes, I eat both and often! I also eat very well rounded. Most of you likely know that I aim to eat clean as much as possible. What I mean by 'clean' is I try to eat foods in their most natural forms by avoiding processed foods as much as possible. I also make as many organic choices as possible in order to avoid putting extra hormones, pesticides and preservatives in my body. Organics can be quite expensive, so unfortunately I cannot usually afford to buy everything organic, but here's what I try to do:

Always Organic
  • eggs
  • meat
  • I can't stand milk, but when I need it for a recipe I buy organic
Usually Organic
  • fruits w/ thin skin. i.e. apples
  • vegetables 

I love carbs. I've always, always loved carbs, and I do eat quite a bit of them, but I try to keep my meals balanced. You may gasp when you hear I'm a carb freak and it doesn't make me gain weight, but the truth is, I believe carbs get a bad rep from dieters. I try to stay away from simple carbohydrates such as white bread. These do provide energy, but they contain more sugars and lack vitamins, minerals and fiber. Instead, I choose complex carbohydrates which have whole wheat and grains. So rather than just any pasta, I'll eat whole grain pasta or whole wheat bread (I especially prefer wheat bread that has nuts and seeds in it). 


I aim to eat 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I know that sounds like a lot (it is) but the new FDA recommendation is now 6-9. Also, many fruits and vegetables provide fiber, which is not only great for your digestive system, but it is filling! I also notice that when I'm eating enough fruit, my body tends to crave fruit rather than candy! Some of my favs are: apples (I eat at least on a day), bananas, fresh green beans, broccoli and pears.



Protein is SO important! If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you definitely need to make sure you're getting enough protein. I'm not a huge red meat fan, but I've been wanting to start eating a burger or steak every week to get more iron. Anyway, not only do I not enjoy red meat much, but it tends to contain quite a bit of saturated fat, which isn't so good for you. I stick to more lean protein such as chicken, 99% fat free ground turkey and salmon. If you don't eat meat, try beans, legumes and lentils. Also, try soy products such as tofu or my favorite- edamame. Eggs are another good source of protein, but I don't eat them often... they seem to make my stomach feel funny lately. Greek yogurt is another source of protein. I tried really hard to like it, but the texture makes me gag. YUCK!


Nuts and nut butter are great for you. My favorite nut butter is almond butter. I also like avocado and extra-virgin olive oil. Cheese is something else I really enjoy, but I try not to eat too much. It can be hard on my stomach {and it's not as "good" for you} but it tastes so good!


I'm not really a dairy person. I try to supplement with Calcium supplements, but to be honest with you I truly don't each {or drink} much dairy other than Calcium. I do like yogurt, though so occasionally I'll eat cereal over a bowl of organic vanilla yogurt.


I say if you want a treat- have it!! But use moderation. I could eat pasta 7 days a week (probably have before-oops!) and I love dark chocolate, but I realize I can't go overboard. I eat some dark chocolate almost every day, but It might just be a square or two, and every once in awhile an entire bar. There's nothing wrong with that. Same goes with pasta dishes. My whole wheat pasta is definitely not bad for me, especially when combined with some olive oil, garlic, chicken and veggies. That's a well rounded dish right there! 

I figured in a food post it makes sense to tell you what I drink. The bulk of fluids that enter my body is WATER. I drink water all. day. long. Aside from this, I never drink soda. My parents didn't allow me to drink it when I was growing up, so I have never really tried drinking it since. I like grapefruit juice, so I drink it from time to time. And I also drink coffee probably one or two days a week. As far as alcohol, I might have a drink on occasion, but I rarely drink that either. I love pinot nior wine, but wine always gives me a headache, so I don't drink it. I'm just a boring water person.

I was also asked for some recipes, so I will be posting some of my favorites soon! Stay tuned!!

Do you eat a balanced diet?? 

What foods or food groups do you find most challenging to incorporate into your diet?
For me, it's dairy. I have a really difficult time getting dairy sources into my daily intake.

For more on food from me, HERE is a past Fit Tuesday post on nutrition.

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  1. Great Post. I have a hard time getting protein being a vegetarian ... Don't eat egg either!
    ♡ from ©

  2. Lovin' all these healthy-eating tips!

  3. Wow you eat fantastically! Gees! I only wish I could afford organic foods - but even regular foods are crazy expensive. I try to eat balanced as much as I can, but lately I find myself not very I haven't been eating much past lunch time, aside from a light snack or something. My stomach is really emotional, so there are TONS of foods I can't eat (without causing major upset anyway), so my diet is a bit tricky, and kind of annoying. Haha!

  4. Love that you incorporate healthy fats and treats into your diet - so many people stay away from those foods out of fear, but they really are so good for you! 

    I try to do all organic, though, of course, there are exceptions, just based on what I can find!

  5. Girl, we literally eat identically... with the exception that I'm not as good about limiting my sweets. I try, but I am to sweets as you are to pasta. : ) But seriously! It makes me so happy to see that I'm not the only girl who believes that certain fats and carbs are good for you. Amen to that and your healthy eating! Glad to meet a kindred spirit. : )

  6. Glad you like them, Sarah! Thanks for reading!!

  7. Yeah, organic is so spendy, but like I said, I make sure meat and dairy is since they have the bulk of hormones and such and beyond that I just do my best. :) That's awful that your stomach is so touchy.. skipping meals can lower your metabolism. Have you tried eating several smaller meals?

  8. Hi Alyse!! Thanks for the tweet the other day!! So nice of you! Yes, I think small indulgences are good- they reduce the probability you'll have a crazy big indulgence ;)

  9. Ah, yes, Jessica, I think we are kindred spirits in many, many ways!! Thank you for commenting- your support means so much to me!! 

    And yes, I do think fats and carbs are probably TOO good sometimes! hahaha :)

  10. Yea, I hear you! I have a hard time sometimes and I DO eat meat! ;)

  11. You are what you eat.  So true.  Many people have always believe and continue to believe that real health can be achieved with food.  More so than any other approach

  12. I believe that too! I think exercise is important (of course) but eating healthy is the KEY!! Right on, girl!


Your comments mean so much to me!! Thank you for the support!!


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