Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fit Tuesday ~ FOOD!

Today I'm talking about food! Over the last few years I've had friends and co-workers ask me how I stay in such great shape. One thing is genetics. I get toned quickly and fairly easily because of my genetics. The other thing is, I work out. However, for various different reasons I have gone through periods of time where I couldn't work out. For example, the last 6 weeks up until yesterday, I couldn't work out due to hypertension. I didn't gain a pound. Why? Proper nutrition! Proper nutrition is crucial in order to get and stay in shape! You can work out twice a day and you won't see half the results you would if you're eating clean and working out just a few times a week. Guaranteed! Here are a few key guidelines I stress when it comes to nutrition:

1. Stay away from processed foods!! They are high in sodium, and full of other preservatives. 

2. Eat 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Seriously. Fruits and vegetables can be quite filling. If you're eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, you will crave fruits rather than candy, and your body will thank you for it! 
3. Drink water. Carry a large water bottle with you everywhere you go, and fill it up as needed. If you're drinking enough water you aren't likely to confuse thirst with hunger and eat when your body isn't hungry. You will also be flushing unhealthy toxins from your body and hopefully not drinking soda! I drink water all day long. I never drink soda and rarely drink juice. Staying hydrated is also really good for your skin!


4. Keep your nutrition balanced. There are food groups because our body needs all of them!! Don't be scared of carbs!! If you're trying to lose weight, don't do it by cutting an entire food group out of your diet. That's not healthy. Make sure you're getting carbohydrates, protein, etc. Do NOT cut an entire food group!! Also, if you're trying to lose weight, don't go on a "diet." Diets are typically not sustainable over a long period of time. Eat clean (fresh, whole foods) and balanced, and exercise and your body should find a balance of where you should be weight-wise. 

5. I've said this before on the blog- Don't deprive yourself! I eat pretty clean. I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats, and good carbohydrates. I also eat dark chocolate almost daily! It might just be a square or two, but I still have some. My belief is that if there's a certain treat you often crave, why think about it all the time and deprive yourself?? If you're exercising and eating healthy otherwise, have a small scoop of ice cream or a cookie or half a candy  bar at night! Why not? Moderation is the key here! 

What would should you change about your nutrition habits??
Is there anything you would like to see in an upcoming post?

Be well,
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Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm a Grammar Snob: V1 - Homophones

In my family and friends one thing I am known for is how particular I am about proper grammar and correct spelling. I am something of a snob about it! After reading everyone's Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday posts last week, regarding blog pet peeves, I have been reflecting on my own blog pet peeves {I was unable to participate that week}. My biggest pet peeve by far, is seeing common grammatical and spelling mistakes in blog posts!! I can understand the occasional error, but I see at least one of the following mistakes each time I read through the blogs I'm following. Not only in blogging but these common mistakes are all over the place on Facebook statuses, when I'm corresponding through email and worst of all, online news sites including NY Times!! As adults who have more than likely all made it through elementary school where we learned all of these grammar rules, I feel these mistakes should be few and far between in blogging! So, over the next few weeks or so, I will be posting a series titled, 'I'm A Grammar Snob' weekly, on Monday. 


IT'S --> Can be substituted for 'it is' --> It's raining outside. 
ITS --> Cannot be substituted for 'it is' --> The apple has lost its flavor. 
ITS' --> never use this!

TWO --> a number --> There are two stores on the corner.
TOO --> "also" or "in excess" --> The store is too far away.
TO --> all other uses --> I am going to the store on the corner.

YOUR --> belongs to you --> Your bagel is on the counter.
YOU'RE --> "You are" could substitute in a sentence --> Here is a bagel since you're hungry.

THEY'RE --> Can substitute for "they are" --> They're coming over today.
THEIR --> belongs to them --> I'm spending the day at their house.
THERE --> a destination --> Her house there on the corner. 

LOSE --> the act of losing --> Did you lose your game today?
LOOSE --> opposite of tight --> The pants fell down because they were too loose on me.

THEN --> pertaining to time --> We went shopping, then out to dinner.
THAN --> comparison --> Those shoes are more expensive than the pairs in the last row. 

SITE--> location --> My web site is listed below. 
SIGHT --> vision --> There was not one pair of shoes in sight

Here is a site with hundreds of homophones {words that sound alike but have different meanings & spellings}

Stay Tuned! 
Next week is V2: Superfluous Apostrophes!! 
Which of these do you commonly mix up?

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Happy spelling! 
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Friday, May 27, 2011

FBFF ~ Hair Care

Katy over at ModlyChic, is the founder of Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday {FBFF}. Each week, Katy puts some thought provoking questions together and emails them to us. On Friday we all post our responses. It's s a fun, diverse and creative blog community! If you're interested in being a part of this fabulous group, head over to Katy's FBFF page for details!

 This week: Hair Care

1.      How often do you get your hair cut?

I really try to get my hair trimmed about every 6 weeks or so. I had it short for awhile and now I'm working on growing it out.

2.      Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon?
I have two main hair stylists. They have both been my stylists for over ten years now. One of them, Anthony, does my relaxers* (chemical straightening) about every 6 weeks or so. Sabrina does my cuts/trims and has colored it for me in the past. When it comes to my hair I do not mess around! There's no way I'm walking into a Super Cuts! Nothing against them but especially living in a predominately white area with my kind of hair, it can be risky. Many stylists in my area do not have experience with ethnic hair, so I stick with who I know and splurge on my relaxers!!
*If I'm strapped for the extra money I will occasionally relax it or have my mom do it at home

3.      Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color?
I have colored it in the past but haven't lately. My natural color is what you see on the blog-dark brown. Usually in the summer it lightens quite a bit, so by the end of the summer it's lighter brown with lots of red in it. It's showing some nearly blonde streaks in certain light right now, which is really strange but I love it!

this is about the length now... and sort of shows how brown it is 2/11

4.      The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is:
In order to limit heat exposure daily, I try to remember to wrap it at night. I use a scarf that's basically like a turban and brush all of my hair so that it wraps around my head and I put the scarf around it to hold it there. In the morning all I have to do is comb/brush it down and it's usually perfect! Booyah!!

2 summers ago right after I combed it down from a wrap

5.      What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock?
Honestly, right now I don't want any particular trend. I just miss my hair being long, so I'm excited to grow it out. I had a Halle Berry cut in college and LOVED IT, so at times I wish it could be that short one day and super long the next. Yea, that's not going to happen.

What do you do to keep your hair looking fabulous?

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Missing In Action- No More!

Hi friends!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA! I have had A LOT going on recently and wow, life is good but just a little crazy! I can't believe I went an entire week without posting. I thought about it each day but I just couldn't get one up and at times couldn't get to the computer!! Anyway, I doubt I will be posting this weekend either, but I just wanted to check in and let ya'll know that starting this coming week Fierce Fabulous Fit should be back to regularly scheduled programming! Haha.

I hope you all have a sunny, beautiful, Memorial Day weekend!! And if you're looking for a new blog to check out, go see my darling friend Becca, at Lost Traditions of Womanhood! She's doing 30 days of fashion on her blog and this woman has mad style! Go check her out!

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans??
My parents are out of town so I'm at their house staying with my yonger brothers. The 13 year old plays select lacrosse and he has a tournament all weekend, so I'll be cheering him on!!

Don't forget to do something active!!

Much love,

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today Was Awesome!

tank - f21
lace vest - Nordstrom Rack
denim gauchos - f21
wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
bangles - H&M
hat - 3 Monkey's Boutique

Want to know why today was so awesome?! 

1. I woke up to a text from one of my best friends, letting me know that her water broke! Yay, baby Claire should be here ANY minute!! I can't wait to meet her!!

2. I had lunch with stylish new mommy and pro-DIYer, Monica for lunch today. We met in college and she's now living in Iowa with her hubs and darling new bundle, Cohen. They are in town for a few weeks, so we had lunch at a place downtown, called Jo Bar. The food was tasty and the time together was great! I had so much fun snuggling 'lil Cohen, and had a really good time hanging out with Monica. 

3. IT'S SUNNY!! Today has been sunny and gorgeous and warm, finally!!! Ahhhhh... I love it!!

4. Some of you saw that I tweeted about wanting a fedora. I shopped around a little for one before I met up with Monica, and I found the straw hat I'm wearing in the photos above. So cute, right?? I love it and I love hats!! More about this soon. :)

I hope you are all having a great week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yessss! Who else has gorgeous weather right now??
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fit Tuesday~Inspiration: Why Workout?!

Today's post is starring Y-O-U!!!

A couple weeks back the Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday questions were on fashion and fitness. Naturally, I loved this and I actually went through and read all of your posts! It was so fun and inspiring to hear what you all had to say! I may have missed some, but here's at least the first round of awesome quotes I pulled from some of your posts! Please take a few minutes and read through what some of your fellow fashion bloggers had to say about why they take the time to exercise!

Me- Copyright Brian Stevenson Photography

"In the last year, motivated by a desire to become more muscular, I've discovered running.  And I love it. Running makes me feel strong, and powerful, and accomplished. When I run my brain relaxes, and all those little nagging worries are drowned out by the pounding of my feet and rhythm of my breathing. And I've grown to embrace my sweaty body after a run - it's proof that I've conquered a workout. Running is a surprise stress reliever, and that's the biggest reward." - Elissa, Dress With Courage

"Without a doubt reaching my long-term goal weight would be my current ultimate fitness goal. I am about 1.8 pounds away from it and the end is in sight! I’ve had the same goal for three years and am at the end of the marathon. When I reach it, the real test will be maintaining it." -Courtney, Those Graces

"Because of running, I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was. I'm physically capable of more than I dreamed. And it feels really good." -Elissa, Dress With Courage

"I’m going to add that being in great shape has some additional benefits that I wanted to make sure and cover. Primarily, the confidence that endurance and physical strength has brought me in has translated into other areas of my life. You can’t buy that kind of feeling." -Fabienne The House In The Clouds

"...exercising is something you do for you, rather than to impress your friends or fit in with those around you. In addition, working out should always been done in moderation. It should not dominate your life at the sacrifice of relationships and other activities. And, as with most things, it shouldn't be an obsession. I've met women who worked out excessively and developed serious injuries as a result. Balance is key." -Elissa, Dress With Courage

" I run regularly. I snowboard all winter, I cycle here and there and hike regularly. I do it for sanity, physical benefits, health and fun. I also like the challenge of keeping it up. I’m in better shape and have better stamina now than I ever have before. Even with asthma, even with arthritis in my feet. Let’s face it, I like knowing I kick butt. Being outdoors brings me peace, running is especially zen for me, it focuses me. I start getting cranky when I don’t get exercise regularly. I have too much energy not to have an outlet. It also helps keep my metabolism the way that it has always been, I’ve been consistent for most of my life." -Fabienne, The House In The Clouds

"Since I joined Weight Watchers on January 19th of this year, I’ve lost 24 lbs. Of course, much of this has to do not only with changing my eating habits, but also with exercising regularly. I feel better in every sense of the word. I’m healthier, happier, and more confident.  I feel strong. Like I can take on any fitness challenge. And that awful voice in my head? Gone."  -Kimi, All The Fuss

"I think that everyone should be trying to be the healthiest that they can be, and keeping fit is the best way to do that. Hypertension and diabetes runs in my family, and those are both preventable, lifestyle diseases. I want to make sure that I live a healthy lifestyle that allows me to steer clear of health problems later in life."  -Cate, Inkblot*Photography

"I had a couple ladies at work once tell me I was lucky that I could eat anything because I was so skinny. Well, I’m not skinny, I’m slender and in good shape. I wouldn’t refer to getting up at six A.M. to go running “luck”. I would call that hard work. Luck and good genes only take you so far, when you’re in your forties, you get there by earning it. I don’t know anyone my age who can eat whatever they want because they’re lucky." -Fabienne, The House In The Clouds

" You don't have to join a gym to be healthy. Walking every day, or being active in general, are great steps towards fitness as well." -Adrienne, What Lola Wants  

"Due to some medication I was taking for something medical, I gained weight.  In this picture I was about 205 at the peak of the weight gain. Talking about feeling defeated when this weight gain was not due to overeating.  Well I got off of the medication and took a hard look at myself and realized I didn’t want to continue to look like this. I talked with my hubby who loves me no matter what I looked like and with his support, I began my weight loss journey.  My main exercise was Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sansone and THE FIRM and watching what I ate.  So within two years I lost about 55-60 pounds.  God is good because I couldn’t of lost the weight without Him and my hubby.  I have kept off the weight going on 5 plus years now.  Hallelujah!!!" Tamaki, Bubbling With Elegance and Grace

"I feel great when I work out and stay focused like I should. For the most part I have become more confident about my body especially areas I have always been self-conscious about." Bajan Beauty, Nobody's Princess

"Working out and becoming physically stronger has helped me love myself just a little more :)" -Adrienne, What Lola Wants  

"I work out for many reasons: 1. I have always struggled with body image and staying active helps 2. A doctor once "prescribed" running to help with anxiety 3. Fitness is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. 4. I feel 10x happier and healthier post-workout." -Nod To Style

"And why? Because exercise relieves stress, helps regulate metabolism so I don't have to watch my food *quite* as much, tones muscles, keeps my heart healthy and generally makes me feel better." -Melissa, A Working Mom's Closet

"Well they say working out helps build endorphins and endorphins make you happy.  I definitely think that working out helps with your body image (or it should.) When you treat your body right it's a good feeling, knowing you're trying your best to take care of it.  At least that's how I feel."    Therese, Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

"When I’m able to hike to a pristine area in the snow and I sit and survey, I’m overcome with appreciation for being alive. The beauty I get to see, the perspective these places bring to my state of mind, to me, that’s worth every boring run on a treadmill. Sure I like to look good, but I like to feel good even more than that. When I feel good, it doesn’t matter what I look like, I’m radiating from the inside out. That’s the one thing no outfit, no make-up, no procedure can buy. That stuff comes from the heart.The coolest thing is that I didn’t start doing any of these things until my early thirties. Getting older rocks!" -Fabienne,The House In The Clouds

"It seems like most people consider a gym membership to be the gold standard for someone who is serious about exercising. However, I can't drag myself to the car to get to the gym, nor can I justify spending a monthly fee for a membership (even $10). There also seems to be the idea that you should jump on the bandwagon of whatever trend is happening (zumba, anyone?). I think it also depends on your circle of friends. I have a lot of friends who train for marathons so I feel like maybe I should be running too (side note: I hate running. Nor can I see myself doing that at 4:30AM by myself when it's pitch black outside. Nope.). " -Melissa, A Working Mom's Closet

"I am more present to, and grateful for how strong and fit I am.  I love my muscles and rather than wanting to be 'SKINNY" instead I love being lean and fit!  Last year for my training season I created  that I would be the leanest and fittest I have ever been, and voila.. I had my fastest race season ever!!" -Jodi, Day 2 Day Wear

"Fitness is an integral part of my life because it keeps my heart healthy, my body fit and makes me feel happy. I also get great ideas and relieve stress when I’m running. I’m not a gym person, however, and prefer to be outside. I resort to my stationary bike or yoga DVD if weather is bad." -Laura, For Those About To Shop

"...rather than feeling like I *have* to wake up and work out, or I *can't* have that cookie. I want to be comfortable with what I'm doing, I want to enjoy it and I want to be motivating and encouraging to everyone around me like he has been. That's my goal."  -Melissa, A Working Mom's Closet

"i love how exhilarating it feels when i get off a treadmill and my heart is racing. i love being active. i love knowing that I can do more sit-ups today than i could do the day before. working out is fun and i think that the biggest mistake that people make is to try to be gym rats rather than consistently live an active lifestyle." -Cate, Inkblot*Photography

"...I was sick with constant stomach aches and a general dislike for food despite being on the high end of an average BMI for my height. I made the decision to get healthy, lose weight and change my life. Since then, I’ve gone to the gym at least three times a week for about 40 minutes each time. I found a system that worked for me and stuck to it. As a result, I’ve lost almost25 pounds. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely." -Courtney, Those Graces

" I like to have fun and enjoy my workouts so I do a combination of things. I love spicing up my workouts.  I exercise four to five times a week and for longer periods of time on the weekends...  But the hardest thing is deciding what to do for that day. Decisions! Decisions!" -Tamaki, Bubbling With Elegance and Grace

"Because I am thin, most people assume I exercise to stay that way. It’s troubling how many people view fitness as a weight loss strategy. I am physically active because it feels good and has always been a big part of my life. You are keeping your heart healthy and prolonging your life when you exercise for even 20 minutes a day." -Laura, For Those About To Shop

We need to take care of our bodies – treat them right, give them the things they need to carry us gracefully into old age. For a long time I used to focus on how much weight I could lose by stepping up my fitness level. Now, I have a different mentality – how much more can I accomplish by stepping up my fitness routine… run a little further or a little faster, do another set of reps with the weights, 5 extra pushups… whatever. it’s a much more attainable goal and it is much more fulfilling than watching the scale daily." Katy, Modly Chic

"As a result of a healthy lifestyle and working out, my general outlook on life has changed. Before I think I used to let people treat me poorly whereas now I have very little patience for disrespect. When you love yourself, it’s easy to say “No” to toxic people in your life." -Courtney, Those Graces

"I regularly want to keel over during my daily workouts, but the routines are so varied, and the results so noticeable, that I’m definitely motivated to keep going. Also – and this is nothing new, everyone says this, but it applies to me as well, so I’ll say it again – the emotional satisfaction I achieve after a hard workout is akin to a psychotropic drug. I can be crabby as hell after a particularly frustrating day at the office, but just 40 minutes of hard sweating can put me back in a good mood." -Kimi, All The Fuss

Lastly, I have some awesome news to share! Awhile back I posted about my high blood pressure here. Basically because it was so high I have been unable to exercise. It has been really hard on me emotionally and mentally, because not only do I exercise for physical health, but it helps my stress level and body image. Anyway, I survived the break and it's made me so grateful for the time I am able to work out. I got through this long break and only cheated once! My blood pressure has been normal since Thursday, so I am going to ease back into working out, while continuing to monitor and of course stay on my meds and hopefully get right back where I love to be! YES!!!

Just kidding, one more thing! I tweet and post on Fierce|Fabulous|Fit's Facebook page for you all to tell your workouts. It's a really fun way to motivate one another! On Twitter I retweet your workouts and on FB it's there on the comments for everyone to see! NO workout is too small, so if you're moving your body please post on the Facebook page or Tweet me, so we can all inspire each other!! Thank you all!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Fun & Dressing Up!

the best head-to-toe I could get. my bad
the best shot of my accessories, make-up and nail polish-same on my toes
I've been wearing that braid since my mom did it for me as a child-
need to do that more often!
isn't this dress sooo pretty??

dress - Free People {shop}
shoes - Dolce Vita for Target {shop}
earrings - Target
necklace - Target
nails - Slick Slate, Sally Hansen

I gotta be honest, I am not one to love weddings! I really am not. It isn't because I'm jealous that I'm not the bride- I just generally don't tend to enjoy them. But this wedding was a blast! I had so. much. fun!! I wasn't extremely happy with the outfit shots I took. I just don't think they did the dress and the way I styled it justice. This was one that certainly should have been shot in daylight with someone behind the camera, but I think you'll get the idea. Unfortunately I didn't get a good one from head to toe. Oh well. 

The actual wedding was for Devon and Lindsay. Devon and I grew up together. They are a stunning couple! Like I said, I really wasn't excited for the wedding. I went to support Devon, because our families are so close. But it was so dang fun!! The actual ceremony was short and sweet, they had a yummy dinner with great wine and afterwards I hit the dancefloor hard! So did my parents! It was an all around great time!! I also met some really fun people!

 Here's a shot of Alyx {Devon's sister} and I. Is she not a stunning woman?? She was a bridesmaid, and Lindsay sure did those ladies right by choosing such gorgeous dresses and stylists for them! 

Stunning Alyx and me right before we hit the dance floor!

Did I mention this was a really fun night?? I needed it in every way!!
What was the last wedding you thoroughly enjoyed??

What made it so fun? 
I think the people and the music/dancing made this one!

How do you think I did with styling the dress?

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is Back!

flares - Express
shoes - Michael Kors
cami - ON
top - Nordstrom Rack

Can I be honest?? I'm not too happy with my photos of this outfit. At first I thought it might be that I'm not wearing make-up, but I don't think that's it... Anyway, isn't this a pretty, pretty top?? I knew I loved it right when I saw it!! And I just so happened to have my nails painted silver when I wore it, which turned out great, in my opinion!! I think the next time you see this top it will be with my white skinnies. Can't you just see the light, airy look that would create?? I sure can!

I'm sure by now you've probably heard- if not experienced- Blogger being down for a couple of days this week. How lame is that?? I'm so sorry to any of you who lost some of your content due to that. What a bummer! And on that note, for some reason when I migrated my comments on disqus, I lost all my comments on this week's Fit TuesdayHUGE bummer! Many of you left some great comments and I never got the chance to respond! I am still working on getting them back. But thank you, to those of you who commented!How was everyone's week, otherwise? Mine has been good but really busy!! 

I wanted to thank you all for the congratulations on my moving to a .com! I am pretty excited about it, and even more excited and grateful to have you all as readers to share my excitement with!! Thank you!! If you were following my blog through Bloglovin' unfortunately I had to delete my old account and start a new one since my blog is at a new url. Go here to follow it again on Bloglovin'. 

Have a great weekend, everyone, and make sure you get out and move your body!! Hopefully it's sunny where you are!!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MY OWN DOMAIN & New Bloglovin'

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to let you know that I FFF has moved to http://fiercefabulousfit.com!!! Yay!!

Please update your blogroll if you have me there! Thanks bunches!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fit Tuesday ~ Low Impact Cardio & Knee Problems

Q: I love your blog-what's the likelihood you could do a Fit Tuesday post on a good low-impact workout? I too have bad knees (and some other stuff) that make high intensity workouts challenging. That might be a great way for me to get back into a routine!
Thank you for the question, Mommy Moxie!

A: My friend, welcome to the "bad knee" club!! I have some troubled knees as well! I am going to tell you about some low-impact workouts as well as home care. Let's get to it! 

1. Swim laps!! Swimming is one of the very best workouts for your body!! Honestly. It takes a little more work as far as protecting your hair from the chlorine and all, but it's so worth it! Swimming works just about every muscle in your body. Also, you can do it at your pace. The water provides perfect resistance and you can choose your speed. I suggest switching up your strokes. Basic breast stroke, back stroke, etc.* Even if you aren't a "swimmer" per se, you can get a great workout by swimming laps the way you know how!
*butterfly stroke may cause pain

Tips for swimming laps:
  • Wear a one-piece. this is not the time to try to be sexy. Invest in a comfortable, one-piece swimming suit that you can really move in. 
  • Swimming cap. like I said, this isn't going to be your sexiest workout, but the results will be! Actually, as a black woman who chemically straightens my hair, when I was swimming laps daily, I would wet my hair and put conditioner in it underneath my cap. This helped protect my hair from the daily exposure to chlorine, since water is bound do get into your cap, of course. 
  • Pack a bag with all of your shower essentials. If you are swimming in the a.m., you want to have your clothes for the day as well as hair products, make-up, and any other items you use to get prepared for the day.
  • If you don't know how to swim, team up with a friend and head to the pool for some lessons. OR go to your local aquatic or recreational center and take a basic swimming course. Usually they are affordable.
  • Now swim, girl! Do it! 
2. Elliptical or walking. This depends on how bad your knees are. Some people aren't ready for even this level of impact. However, if you are, get outside and take some walks or head to the gym and hop on the elliptical trainer. There are several types. 
  • Caution: hills or steep inclines put a lot of pressure on your knees! If you have knee problems avoid hilly walks or high inclines on the elliptical or treadmill. 
  • Walking is a fun workout to do with a friend or two! Keep yourselves at a brisk pace, but you should also be able to enjoy some conversation. This makes the workout more fun and it goes by much faster! On the elliptical try your headphones if you don't have a friend to chat with on the next machine.
  • NEVER go walking alone at night!
3. Cycling or Spinning. Go for rides on your bike. Always wear your helmet! :) Once your knees are a little stronger, go ahead and take some spinning classes. You may have to modify the workout a bit, but you can probably do it. 

Preventing knee injuries:
  1. Keep muscles around knees strong- hamstrings, quadriceps, etc. Wall sits are great for this!! Stand with your back against the wall and slide down until your knees are at a 90* angle. Sit for about 2 minutes in that position, and do it 2-3 times. Do not let your knees go beyond your feet. 
  2. It is just as important to strengthen hips, core and back.
  3. STRETCH before and after exercise! Especially afterwards. 
  4. If you run regularly, buy new shoes every 3 months or 500 miles.
  5. If you are a beginner with weightlifting and working out, invest in spending a few sessions with an athletic trainer to learn proper technique. This may be the most important tip in preventing any injuries during exercise!!

Exercises to AVOID:
  1. Jumping- it forces 2-3x your body weight on your knees! If your knees cause you pain during exercise you absolutely want to cease activity that require jumping {i.e. basketball, tennis, soccer, racquetball, football}. However, if your knees are on the more stable side of being painful {this is something only you can really determine} jumping rope or on a trampoline may be alright. 
  2. Excessive flexing. Weights exercises such as full squats and leg press are a "no, no" for sure! 
  3. Anything that involves quick movements such as pivoting. Basically including the sports mentioned in #1. 
  4. Refrain from downhill running when you can.
  5. Ladies, I'm sorry but high heels can worsen bad knees! Wah, wah...
Take care of your body!! You only get one. If something hurts, stop. No exercise is worth injuring yourself!! 

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Night

what do you think of my make-up??

tiered top - ON
shrug - Nordstrom by Frenchi
skinnies - AE
stilettos - Macy's by Jessica Simpson
headband - ON
earrings - Bebe
bracelet - Target??

How was everyone's weekend?? Did you get to celebrate a special woman in your life for Mother's Day? Were you the one who was celebrated?? Both? 

Saturday I was feeling yucky so I lounged and really slept most of the day, which is highly uncharacteristic of me. My body doesn't typically sleep much but I literally couldn't stay awake! Crazy! Anyway, I woke early evening to a call from my dear mother. She said "the boys," meaning my dad and brothers went out to watch The Fight {boxing}, and wanted to know if I wanted to have a ladies' dinner date. Yes, please! 
Tracks of My Tiers Maxi Dress
tracks of my tiers maxi dress
So she picked me up from my place and we headed to 23rd st. It's a street in Downtown Portland, lined with cute coffee shops, boutiques and fine dining. We went to an old favorite of ours, Papa Haydn, a restaurant famous for their fancy, decadent desserts. There was a wait, so we got on the list and headed down the way for some window shopping. Of course when we saw Free People, we headed right through the door with many ooohhhh's and aaahhhh's over seemingly every item in there! But when we stumbled upon this dress {in stone color} we both freaked out!! It's so pretty! My mom grabbed my size and rushed me off to the dressing room since we needed to head back for our table. I tried it on and it fit perfectly!! Mom took it right to the register while I changed back into my clothes. Knowing it was NOT in my budget, my sweet mother tells me she's paying for it. I remind her that on Mother's Day weekend I should be buying her a dress. She simply responded with, "Krystle, I have been blessed with such amazing children and it blesses me to bless you and care for you." Um, is my mom precious or what?? We have  a wedding to go to next weekend, so looks like I found my dress!! On me, it's longer than it is on the model in the photos... I have a couple of styling ideas. Maybe I will do a little vote here! Sound like fun?? If you haven't been into Free People lately, definitely stop in! And prepare to spend!! Thanks, Mama!!

After this, we got to the restaurant just in time for our table. We enjoyed yummy food and rich, delicious dessert over candlelight. We got to just catch up and talk about life. I really value those one-on-one times with her. We have a great time together!

Today was a family day of celebrating Mom. I loved it!

How was your weekend? 

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mom

Mommy & Me, circa 1982

Shopping November 2009

Cheering for my brother, Fall 2009
Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010
Moms are so special. Above is my mother, Phyllis. Isn't she stunning? The thing is, her outer beauty is literally just scratching the surface of it all. This woman has such a beautiful heart. She loves her children, her husband and is a supportive friend. Most of all, my mom loves Jesus with all that she is. All. She has taught me so much. And her life is such an example to me of a strong woman. You see, my mom was a single mother for a few years when I was pretty young after my biological father left/divorced us. You hear the stories of young, struggling, single mothers who are on welfare and barely making it. However, my mom broke that mold. She worked so hard to support us, but she was also there. I have to say, those years that she was single were the happiest years of mine and my oldest brother's childhood. We spent time with both sets of grandparents while she worked and on the weekends we all played together. We had so. much. fun. She was and still is, a youthful, playful woman who loves to be involved with her children even as adults! The thing is, she would never take the credit. She's always careful to give God the glory. Another beautiful thing about her.

These days my mom loves to treat me to pedicures and go on shopping trips together. We are such close friends. We talk on the phone mostly every day about anything and everything. Of course, as with every family, it hasn't always been rosy and perfect, and never will be. We have had our differences and share of mother-daughter quarrels, but we work things out and are very close. I am so proud to call Phyllis P. Talley my mother.

To all of you mothers reading this, Happiest of Mother's Day to you!! I hope you feel special and cherished. And to those of you who no longer have your mother, I hope you will spend this day remembering her and the impact she had on your life. And to those who may not have an ideal relationship with your mother, I hope you are able to honor those women in your life, today and always, who have been there for you. A mother certainly doesn't have to be the one who birthed you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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