Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've Been Waiting for This!!

are these shoes not AMAZING?!

Do you LOVE this skirt??! I wore this look to my brother, Jordan's baccalaureate ceremony tonight. He's graduating from Jesuit High School tomorrow morning! I have to tell you that I have been waiting patiently for the weather to get nice enough for me to wear this skirt!! I am seriously obsessed with it!! I LOVE IT!! Isn't it hot?? I have to say, I felt pretty dang good in this outfit. It makes my candy butt look extra sweet (go here for the context of this) and it's just one of those pieces that makes you feel confident. Do you have anything like that in your wardrobe? 

the yongest, Jason and I picking up our Aunt for the ceremony
The problem with the skirt is that I had a lot of trouble styling it. For some reason I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to pair it with. So I consulted with the fabulous, stylish, gorgeous Eboni, and she helped me pull this look together. We decided that a bright top would be good, and she said for me to go with chunky accessories, which I agreed with. Thanks, girl! She did suggest that I wear my Dany's with it, but for this occasion I wanted to keep it a bit more toned down. I'll wear the Dany's with it next time. And trust, there will be a next time for this skirt! 

The other thing I've been waiting for and wanting to show you all is this pair of shoes! They are to die for!! I got these about a year and a half ago, and one of the heels broke around the time I started my blog. For some reason it took me forever to get them fixed. I am so happy I finally did because I had almost forgotten how much I love these shoes. They are one of my favorite pairs! I mayyy even like them more than my Dany's, which says a lot

I know this is kind of a lame photo but I wanted to point out my blue shadow {if you can see it... it didn't show up as well as in person}. I put it both on my top and bottom eyelids. I wanted to do a fun shadow color, but I didn't want orange or red. Those colors would have been a little too "matchy-matchy." However, I thought blue would be a fun contrast and it was! What do you think? Do you like the look as a whole??

Thanks again, Eboni, for helping me get this look together! I hope you approve of the way it turned out! *wink, wink* Maybe one day I'll have Eboni's fabulous stylin' skillz! I'm workin' on it! 

I hope everyone's had a fabulous weekend so far! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!

tank - ON
floral pencil skirt - f21
stilettos - Macy's by Jessica Simpson
necklace - f21
earrings - Target

How's the weather where you are?? 
It was over 80* here today, and I was thrilled!! 

Are you attending any graduations this month?

Have a question?? Formspring Me. I promise to answer!


  1. What a fun outfit- I love your little skirt! And wow there must be a Jesuit High School in every city, I got excited then realized it's a common name, and that you live across the country from me haha. Florida = not Oregon. my bad. :P 

  2. This is a great outfit! I love how you styled that skirt, it works so well. It's such a versatile skirt, and it looks gorgeous on you!!!


  3. I LOVE this look! You are one hot mama for sure! That skirt and those shoes are amazing! Love the orange top, too! Nice work!

  4. Yes those shoes are amazing!!! Also orange looks great on you, def a colour you should wear often :D

  5. Loveee the look!!! So bright and vibrant :)

    ♡ from © 

  6. I am in love with this outfit! So flippin' amazing. You look beautiful as always!  For a minute there I thought you were in Tampa, Fl... we also have a Jesuit HS, and TRUST me... it was well over 80 degrees today.

    xo Teresa

  7. Fashionista_Next_DoorJune 5, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    woooo hot mama!!! This turned out so cute! I love the bright top with the skirt. They're a match made in heaven and orange is a HOT color this season.

    Look at those legs, girl! #jealous Lol!!! The shoes are amazing. Great job, girl!

    Lol I still chuckle at "candy butt"

    CONGRATS to your little brother!!!!

  8. thank you, Eboni!! thanks for helping me out! :) 

    I know, Candy Butt kills me! That phrase will live on forever in my mind and vocabulary! 

  9. Teresa, you are so sweet, thank you!

    Ya, there are a lot of Jesuits. I love hot weather, but yesterday was our first day in the 80's this year, so it felt really hot!! Haha.

  10. Thanks! I do plan to buy more orange because I think this is my only orange top.

  11. thanks, I am so excited to wear it more!!

  12. Haha, yeah, that's what Teresa up above said! There are quite a few Jesuits in the country, but she was referring to the one in Fl too! :)

  13. Great Floral black and white skirt! And do you have a gap tooth? Thats so cool!!! haha gap teeth are so beautiful

    x mordrian

  14. That skirt is wonderful! I have a similar one but it has gray instead of white.  You wear it well!


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