Friday, June 3, 2011

Asymmetrical Top & Ladies Night!

i rubbed up against something wet outside!

I really love this asymmetrical tunic {sorry, I didn't get a shot that really showed this} I bought at Forever 21 a couple months ago. I think I've worn it once or twice, but not on the blog. While putting some looks together the other night, I was experimenting with different tops to wear this new H&M belt with. I bought the top in a medium and probably should have bought a small, but you know how exchanges go over at Forever 21. If it's been over 7 days you're outta luck! I figured belting it would help add some shape, and that it did! The other issue I have with the top is that it lacks color. That's also something the belt helps with-it gives a pop of "color" even though it's neutral. Ha! My shoe choice was a no-brainer. The Dany's, DUH! I decided to go with gold accessories... but I didn't think I needed a necklace, so I just went with ring, hoops and bangles. I went back and forth between one of my millions of handbags and my leopard clutch. I need to get an over-sized clutch asap! 

My plans for today are a little work from home, some shopping, then off to help my friend who's hosting my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's lingerie party! I'm going to help her with making chocolate covered strawberries, and the party will start in the evening. I'm really excited for the party. I know a few of the women who will be there, and they are really fun! Also, it will be entertaining because the bride is very sweet and innocent and this stuff makes her really uncomfortable! It's kinda cute. Haha. 

top - f21
belt - H&M
flare trousers - Nordstrom by Citizen's of Humanity
platforms - by Jessica Simpson, Dany's
hoop earrings - Bebe
bangles - H&M

What do you think, and of the look?

Any fun plans for the weekend?? 
What was the last bachelorette or lingerie party you went to?

Have a question?? Formspring Me. I promise to answer!


  1. haahaha I see you forgot a title at first, I do that all the time, I get too excited to post haha. Love your ladies night out outfit! You look gorgeous and those shoes are to die for!

  2. Work it Krystle!  That top is cute and it was a great idea to add the belt!  I never wouldn've known it was too big (the belt handled that real well!)  You are killing me with those shoes!! Love them!

  3. I love the  tunic, but those Jessica Simpson shoes are pretty amazing! Me? I had a semi-casual day & went for that run...  Have!a great weekend.
    Ladyofashion of FASHION TALES

  4. oooooo i want those platforms they're hot!

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  6. Thank you! I hope you'll come visit again soon!

  7. thanks, girl! 

    Yay for you running!!! go girl!

  8. thank you!! I love getting compliments on my dany's on the blog, cause whenever I wear them around my family they all make fun of me! haha.

  9. I totally did! I've never done that before! hahaha.

    Thank you for the sweet words! :)

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