Thursday, June 2, 2011

FBFF ~ Vacation Packing

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This week is Vacation: Now that summer is in full swing here {if you aren't in Oregon}… and vacations are coming up, let’s talk about what you’re packing to take on vacation.


1.     When it comes to packing for vacation what’s your mantra? I always bring extra options. I pack for unexpected weather and often for unexpected occasions, such as a couple of dressy looks even if I don't have plans for a dressy occasion. I also like to make sure I have pieces that are easy to remix so I'm not repeating outfits, but I don't have to pack extra bags. And probably the biggest one two for me is PACK EARLY & MAKE LISTS!! I always, always pack a few days to a week early... I'm kind of crazy... I pack and re-pack and then re-pack one last time the night before. I also make a big, long list of every single thing I need. This helps me with shopping pre-vacation, and with making sure I remember last minute essentials that I can't pack too early such as chargers and curling irons. 

2. What are your must packs? This summer I must have: bright colors, maxi dresses, wedges, fun prints and hats!

3.  What are you happy to leave behind? I'm really not dying over shorts. I've never been into wearing shorts unless they are running shorts. I am more of a skirts/dresses lady!

4.  Any packing secrets that help you get everything into one suitcase? I roll many of my items. That helps save space in my luggage, and minimizes wrinkling. Some other space saving ideas are stuffing socks into shoes, and using travel-sized toiletries rather than packing your huge bottle of shower gel. 

5. Beach reading… what are you taking with you to read in the sand? I have to have magazines and chic lit books!! Those are my guilty pleasures!! I also like to have my Bible and/or devotional books {Bible is pretty heavy and large to pack} and too actually stimulate my mind, I like to bring something educational. Usually my educational read has to do with child development/psychology. 

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So tell me, what do YOU love and what do you loathe about packing for vacation??

Have a fabulous weekend!!
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  1. I roll, too! Best packing secret ever. 

  2. Like you I make lists, plan my packing weeks ahead and start packing a week before, and still I always bring too much stuff! But then I also like to be prepared for whatever occasion might turn up:)

  3. I'm a big planner when it comes to packing, list are a must do !

  4. Love your 'Must Packs'. Agree with them completely! Nothing says vacation better than a big hat and a maxi dress.

  5. That is too funny that you make detailed packing lists a few days before the trip.  I thought I was one of the few people that did that!  I always get into trouble by doing that since I always find the need to go shopping for new items on the list! :)

  6. haha, I know! When I make lists there's ALWAYS something I determine I need to buy! So glad I'm not the only nerd making lists though! ;)

  7. totally! the maxi's are a must! thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll come back soon!

  8. I hear ya!! There's nothing like being prepared!

  9. Oh, I make lists too! How could I forget about that?
    And you roll your clothes too? Uhmmm...I never did...but EVERYONE is swearing by it. I think I have to try it next time. :)


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