Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Fun & Dressing Up!

the best head-to-toe I could get. my bad
the best shot of my accessories, make-up and nail polish-same on my toes
I've been wearing that braid since my mom did it for me as a child-
need to do that more often!
isn't this dress sooo pretty??

dress - Free People {shop}
shoes - Dolce Vita for Target {shop}
earrings - Target
necklace - Target
nails - Slick Slate, Sally Hansen

I gotta be honest, I am not one to love weddings! I really am not. It isn't because I'm jealous that I'm not the bride- I just generally don't tend to enjoy them. But this wedding was a blast! I had so. much. fun!! I wasn't extremely happy with the outfit shots I took. I just don't think they did the dress and the way I styled it justice. This was one that certainly should have been shot in daylight with someone behind the camera, but I think you'll get the idea. Unfortunately I didn't get a good one from head to toe. Oh well. 

The actual wedding was for Devon and Lindsay. Devon and I grew up together. They are a stunning couple! Like I said, I really wasn't excited for the wedding. I went to support Devon, because our families are so close. But it was so dang fun!! The actual ceremony was short and sweet, they had a yummy dinner with great wine and afterwards I hit the dancefloor hard! So did my parents! It was an all around great time!! I also met some really fun people!

 Here's a shot of Alyx {Devon's sister} and I. Is she not a stunning woman?? She was a bridesmaid, and Lindsay sure did those ladies right by choosing such gorgeous dresses and stylists for them! 

Stunning Alyx and me right before we hit the dance floor!

Did I mention this was a really fun night?? I needed it in every way!!
What was the last wedding you thoroughly enjoyed??

What made it so fun? 
I think the people and the music/dancing made this one!

How do you think I did with styling the dress?

Have a question?? Formspring Me. I promise to answer!


  1.  You look gorgeous! I love that dress. I'm not a huge fan of weddings either, but they definitely look beautiful. I'm glad to hear you had a great time. Thanks so much for tweeting about my post! :)

  2.  I LOVE how you went with beautiful neutral, shimmery accessories for this dress, Krystle.  So beautiful.  I don't know what the bride looked like but you and Alyx must've given her a run for her money :)

  3.  Totally obsessed with your accessories.  They look fantastic with that dress! @GlamKitten88 

  4. That dress is amazing and so pretty.  Love the Free People brand....theri clothes are real comfy.


  5.  you look STUNNING!!   If you are not already modeling  you need to get on that.  Seriously...and if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you?  I imagine you are at least 5'7" which makes me insanely jealous :P  ha ha!  

    Love how you styled the adn jewelry=hot!  dress and nails=gorgeous.  If the dress goes on sale, I'm getting it!!  LOL

  6.  You look so gorgeous! That dress is just amazing and I love the necklace you paired with it! Alyx is super cute, too! Talk about an amazing bridesmaid's dress! I'm going to a wedding this coming weekend, so hopefully I will have a blast, too! Might need to get the boy to drink up so he will dance with me!  ;)

  7.  Oh you look so pretty in this colour, I like it! I actually love weddings, all of the fun and festivities and dancing. very nice!  FASHION TALES

  8.  i love this dress on you!

  9.  P.S. I just gave you the Adorable Blog Award! Check out my post for the details!  :)

  10. Fashionistafueradelaciudad39May 16, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Beautiful dress!! Love it!!! Kuddos!! 

  11. Love this look! Perfect for a spring wedding. I'm obsessed w.the Free People dress too! So pretty. 

  12. Yeah, I'm not a big wedding fan,either. But you look wonderful. Maybe I should see weddings more as opportunities to dress up rather than to sit and get bored. Hmmm.

    Citizen Rosebud


  13.  weddings are so fun but super look absolutely care free in your dress, love the nail color btw!

  14.  You look awesome and pulled that dress off well :)--Courtney

  15. Thank you! At first I wasn't sure about the color but it grew on me! 

  16. Good point!! Think of it as an excuse to pretty up!! :) Glass half full! I like the way you think!  

  17. Thanks, Therese! Yeah, it's unfortunate that I live so close to a FP! I may be spending lots in there in the near future! Haha! 

  18. Ya, she's pretty dang stunning, right?? Yay, I hope you have fun at the wedding! let me know how it goes! :) 

  19. Aww, thank you! I actually did model for a few years and it was really fun!! I'm a little under 5'7" so most of my work was Nike and Adidas; height isn't as much of an issue with fitness. 

    Thanks for the kind words, Anne!  

  20. FP has GREAT clothes!! I just wish they were a little cheaper! ;) 

  21. Thanks, girl! Target rocks, I found them in like 10 minutes there!  

  22. Thanks, girl! Oh, you're so sweet! The bride looked AMAZING!! It was a wedding party of a whole lot of beautiful people for sure! :) 

  23. Thank you, Kirstin! Yes, this was a fun one! 

    No problem, it was a great post!! :) 

  24.  that dress looks great on you!  i knew it would :)

  25. I'll be honest, I wasn't a big wedding fan either until I started planning mine and even after I had my wedding!  And it's so funny because I barely cried at mine but I do at everyone elses! LOL  The last wedding I went to that was crazy fun was a school mate of my husbands and what made that so fun was the people at our table.  We seemed to have all the comedians at our table and I laughed until I cried all night!

    Your dress is gorgeous girl (and perfect to dance in too!)  That side braid is cute!  I gotta try that! 

  26. Very pretty dress, you look lovely.



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