Friday, May 27, 2011

Missing In Action- No More!

Hi friends!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA! I have had A LOT going on recently and wow, life is good but just a little crazy! I can't believe I went an entire week without posting. I thought about it each day but I just couldn't get one up and at times couldn't get to the computer!! Anyway, I doubt I will be posting this weekend either, but I just wanted to check in and let ya'll know that starting this coming week Fierce Fabulous Fit should be back to regularly scheduled programming! Haha.

I hope you all have a sunny, beautiful, Memorial Day weekend!! And if you're looking for a new blog to check out, go see my darling friend Becca, at Lost Traditions of Womanhood! She's doing 30 days of fashion on her blog and this woman has mad style! Go check her out!

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans??
My parents are out of town so I'm at their house staying with my yonger brothers. The 13 year old plays select lacrosse and he has a tournament all weekend, so I'll be cheering him on!!

Don't forget to do something active!!

Much love,

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  1. I'll be having a small bbq with the bf, then travelling off to a work gig. I will be the lady exercising on the plane probably! haha! Sounds like fun, cheering the little bro! I hope that you enjoy the weekend.  xo
    *Get in on the V+V Series

  2. Have a great weekend, and I'll definitely be active, keeping up with a 100 lb golden retriever we're watching for a friend! Lookig forward to long walks haha. 

  3. Thank you!! I hope you enjoy those long walks, Elle!! Hopefully the weather is nice for you! :)

  4. Oh fun!! Enjoy your bbq and work trip!!


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