Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Started With a Tweet...

A few months ago I noticed a follower on my Twitter called StylePointPDX. If you don't know, PDX is Portland, Oregon, where I live. Anyway, I decided to follow back. Some time later I noticed a tweet from StylePointPDX, asking if anyone was interested in writing for them about local fashion. I decided to take the leap after looking at the site. I sent a DM telling them I was, in fact interested. Melissa, the founder of Style Point, emailed me that she had taken a look at my blog and loved it. She told me she would be contacting me soon. So here we are a couple of months, a meeting and many emails later, and Melissa asked the other day if I would like to write my first post on shoe trends for Spring 2011. Um, yes, please! 

StylePoint Portland

Before I give you the link to my post, let me tell you a bit about Style Point Portland. Melissa's goal is to basically provide a place to go online to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, boutique openings, fashion shows, up-and-coming designers, etc. in Portland, OR. Since the only site that was providing this service in Portland had shut down, she decided to get started with that. She has now recruited myself and another young lady in Portland, to contribute and we are just getting started! I know most of my readers are not local to Portland, but I still recommend checking the site. A lot of the content will be relevant to you regardless. Ok, I'm done with my overview, now go look for yourself! Here's the link to my post, Spring Shoe Trends! Check it, friends! And if you have something to say, leave us some love. 

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  1. That's wonderful - congrats Krystle!!

  2. Love your picks! Thanks for introducing me to StylePoint as well!

  3. ya, check it out, Kendra!! There will be some posts that interest you, I'm sure! :)


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