Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fit Tuesday ~ Arms!!

Today we are talking about toning those arms! What woman {or man} doesn't want sexy, toned, strong arms!?
work it out for some guns you'll LOVE! by the way, this photo was not taken in a serious manner.
I died of laughter doing it. had to post my ridiculousness! 
First and foremost, with any part of your body that you're working on toning up, you always have to burn fat as well. If you have excess fat on the areas you're trying to tone, you won't be able to see all of that awesome muscle tone you're building up. So the first thing is cardio, cardio, cardio

Now that we have that part clear, there are the toning exercises. But first, let's talk about arm muscles. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with an entire anatomy lesson, but it's important to understand the major muscle groups you're working, and how they compliment one another. Two of the major muscle groups you've probably all heard of are biceps and triceps. "Bi" meaning two and "tri" meaning three, for the respective groups. Biceps help to bend the elbow and stabilize the shoulder. The triceps are used to straighten the elbow. 

Then there are the deltiod muscles. Your deltoids are the muscles around your shoulders. They are used whenever you move your arms around.

Let's talk about the actual exercises:

1. Bicep Curls: begin standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart. 

um, yeah, working out in flip-flops isn't highly recommended.
also, please disregard the lack of class with my red sports
bra showing through my tank! thanks.
i mayyy have been distracted watching Sports Center here!

always keep your posture straight when lifting! 
do not arch your back and do not hunch over!

2. Triceps: this exercise is good for getting rid of floppy underarms. 

3. Deltoids:

So, how much weight should you lift? In general, lifting higher weights with less repetitions develops more bulky muscles. Lifting lower weights with more repetitions develops more lean muscle tone. The weights I'm lifting here are 5lb. weights. My arms are super weak right now and I really want more strength and have been working for a little while on getting them toned so they aren't so scrawny. I think it's working out pretty well. I usually do about 3 sets of 12-16 reps. If I were lifting for more bulk, I might use 8 or 10 lb weights doing 3 sets of 8-10 reps. 

 Go here for more arm exercises to do in the gym, from Livestrong.

What kinds of arm workouts to do you like to do?
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  1. Great tips, Krystle. I do a crazy amount of arm work, with 20-25 lb dumbbells, or a 45 lb bar, usually 15 reps. But I've been working out for several years, so I need substantial weight to get results. I do deadlifts into curls, simple bicep curls, hammer curls with a reverse lunge, tricep pulldowns, a bunch of shoulder work, and gah, the list goes on. I'm carrying about 5-7 pounds extra right now, so I'm not liking not seeing my definition. But I have eight weeks to shred before bikini season!

  2. Awesome tutorial, Krys! These are three of my staple arm exercises! Should probably make sure to get a workout in today- hopefully it will cheer me up! :)

  3. I do all three of those exercises! I love a little arm definition, but I really struggle to get any. I'm working through Rachel Cosgrove's book right now but I have to add in bicep and tricep work because she doesn't include it.

  4. Damn, lady!! No wonder I always think, "her bod is ROCKIN'" when I look at your outfit posts! I have an eye for people in good shape! ;) I have worked out for years as well, but have never really focused on my arms. In my sports they were just worked naturally and I just never felt I needed more definition. And now they have gotten scrawny and what little meat on them seemed floppy which is NOT ok! Haha, so I've been working! Your arm workouts are WAYYY hardcore!! Go girl!! Hey, if you're tweeting sometime after a workout, participate in #bragbaby. If you didn't read that post it's basically just tweeting me your workout and I RT and brag for ya and spread the fit inspiration! :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks, Tara!! And a workout is SURE to cheer you up!! Like I always say, the hardest part is making yourself START and once you get started you'll be going strong! Let me know how it goes. :)

  6. YAY!!! Glad to see I am doing my arm workouts correctly. I do these so I can have those Angela Bassett looking arms. LOL

  7. Great post girl! I love lifting weights period so I'm super familiar with these! I guess I want Angela Basset arms because I normally lift at least 10 lbs. LOL

    One arm excercise I like to do that works your shoulders I think are called flys, where you stand with your arms at your sides and lift your arms out to your sides.

  8. Great tutorial! You've inspired me to spend a little more time on my arms - toned arms do look so good! And it helps to not be a 98-pound weakling. :)

  9. You're inspiring me to get fierce, fabulous and fit! Right now I'm just lazy. Work it!

  10. Yeri, I am so glad you're feeling inspired!! Go girl!! Let me know what you do for your workout! :)

  11. Great!! Get goin', girl!! Yes, toned arms are hot! I can't wait to get mine more fit!

  12. Oh, girl... my arms have always been SO WEAK! I honestly have just always focused way more on cardio. But I am loving how good it feels to lift and how quickly I am seeing results. I will be bumping up the weights very soon!

    Go you for lifting! The more muscle, the higher the metabolism! Yes, flys are great!! I do those sometimes as well! :)

  13. Angela Bassett has a bangin' body, doesn't she??! Great job workin your arms!

  14. I will! So far...nothing! :O)

  15. Oh, cool, I'm glad this is helpful! Keep lifting, you will see the results. Everyone's body has different timing with that.

    Thank you! :)

  16. Nice arms sweets....Im heading back to the gym tomorrow night to run....looking good!

  17. I love this post! I always think the same thing about people needing to do more cardio and losing the weight before they tone up when I see trainers in the gym not following this process! One of my favorite ways to tone my arms and my core is to do push ups on the stairs. They tone great but are easier for us people with weaker arms. :)

  18. Thanks! I've been working on them! :)

    Good for you, girl! Tweet it to me when you do so I can RT!

  19. Oooh, ya those stair push ups are great! My arms are REALLY weak, so I should try those next time I run stairs!

    You see trainers failing to mention that?? That's crazy because it seems like something they should certainly be teaching!! Wow.

  20. I love the bicep curl. I do a number of arm exercises as well but I haven't seen any noticeable definition thus far. I mean you can tell I'm toned but not really defined, persay-could it just be that my body type doesn't support a defined muscle structure?

  21. Maybe... or it will just take more time. Everyone's body tones up at different rates. Honestly, I am just more genetically predisposed to toning up! I really am. I do work out- pretty hard sometimes- but it's not difficult for me to tone up at all. Keep at it hun!

  22. LOVE it! Updated you on my blog role. :)

  23. I do pec flys when I do workout with the FIRM. I really like how the FIRM does a lot of circuit workouts to get all of my body active.

  24. I'm gonna keep pressing on but it does get a little discouraging sometimes. Especially when it takes so long to see results ya know.



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