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FBFF ~ Spring Trends 2011

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What are the top five Spring trends that you are looking forward to
seeing/sporting this season

Well, I chose 6, but who's counting?!

For each trend, I chose a couple different price categories, 
and of course, links for your shopping enjoyment!

1. Wedge Sandals
What can I say? I love me some wedges! Obviously wedge sandals are in about every Spring I can remember in recent years, but it seems like this year I am seeing lots more. Last year I think I saw more gladiators. I am enjoying how there are so many options from strappy to just one or two.
Product Image Women's Dolce Vita for Target® Cork Wedge Sandals - Gold

Dolce Vita for Target

TAMANDY by Jessica Simpson

Michael Kors MICHAEL KORS Espadrille Sandal
Espadrille Sandal by Michael Kors

2. Wide Leg Trousers
I think anyone can find the right fit of wide legs! They can be so complimenting. There's definitely the right style whether you're curvy or a more of a boyish figure or somewhere in between!

Joe's <em>Wide</em>-<em>Leg</em> Trousers

Joe's Wide Leg Trouser, Anthropologie

3. Flutters & Ruffles
I love flutters and ruffles. They add a feminine touch to any look. You can do a piece with subtle tiers, such as the maxi {another trend!} pictured below, or something with a few larger ruffles for more of a statement.



Tiered Maxi, Express

Printed Ruffle Tank Dress, Jessica Simpson

4. Fun Nails
There are so many fun trends going on in the nail department this Spring! From shellac to leopard to sparkles! I found some glitter polish the other day for just $2.00 or you can go for the Sally Hansen polish strips pictured below for around $10.00. Either is something you can do at home really cheap!

Gold Foil Nails, Cushie et Ochs

Salon Effects
Salon Effects Strips, Sally Hansen
around $10.00 at Walgreens

5. Lace
Lace is another uber feminine trend. I really like the soft look of white or cream lace as opposed to black which can create quite another look.

Lace V Neck Tank, Victoria's Secret

Michael Kors MICHAEL KORS Organic Cotton Lace Skirt


6. White Out
Depending on the piece, white can be more difficult to find an item that is complimenting, but I do think white can look good on anyone as well! It might take more searching, but I think you can break it up with a colored accessory if you need to. 

William Rast 'Savoy' Flare Leg Stretch Jeans (Talcum Wash)

"Savoy" Flare Leg, William Rast

Oaxaca Skirt

Oaxaca Skirt, Anthropologie

What trends are YOU loving for Spring 2011?

Are there any trends you would do away with if you could?



  1. I am loving your choices! I completely did not consider nail polishes when I was thinking trends! Thanks for the wakeup!
    Happy Friend Friday!

  2. I can't remember where, but I saw that crop tops were trendy for this spring...that's the trend I would nix. I just think it looks trashy...that's just my opinion though. On models, it always look fine but I have yet to see them look good on someone in real life.

    I love your picks btw, many are the same as what I picked!!

  3. Love me some wide leg pants!! I'm happy its taking over the skinny jean trend. Don't get me wrong, some people look great in skinnies, but for someone who has thighs and calves like mine, they are a no-go! I'm also on board for the white-out trend too! Gives me an excuse to crazy on colored accessories! LOL

  4. Love your choices! I'm really into ruffles right now too.

  5. These are definitely some hot trends for the summer! I just did a guest post yesterday for The Average Girl's Guide that had my top 5 accessories for the season, so it also included wedge sandals! :)

    P.S. Right before I got home I stopped by CVS to check out those Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips! Thought it was funny there were on your list! Unfortunately, they didn't have the pattern I was looking for there, so I'll probably check elsewhere tomorrow!

  6. Wedge sandals are a definite for me this spring. They make your legs look so great. Target has really nice ones this season. I have wide leg trousers on my list as well-no matter how you style them they always looks so classy! Here's to spring!

  7. I so agree! Wedges make your legs look long and hot! I love how you can go so high with them and they don't {usually} feel uncomfortable! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  8. Oooh, I saw a tweet about your guest post! Almost forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder, I will go check it today! :)

  9. I agree! There are wide legs for everyone and frankly, not everyone who can't wear skinnies realized it! ;)

    I can't wait to see you accessorize a white out!

  10. crop tops are definitely one to be careful with. undoubtedly some will try to rock it that shouldn't. it would be hard to pull it off without being 5'10 and slender. not gonna lie, i'm tempted to try it on though! ;)

  11. sure! I was trying to think outside the box ;)

  12. Loving the wedges and I have the Sally Hansen strips but haven't tried them yet.

  13. I love all of your picks. They are all things that I can easily add into my wardrobe and fairly practical to wear too. I especially love wedges as they are the only heels that I can really wear for everyday


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