Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!

Hey dolls!!

Tara over at Haute Lunch has so sweetly passed off the Stylish Blogger Award to me! Thanks, Tara! When you get a chance go check out her blog!!

To accept this award I am supposed to share 7 random things about myself with all of you and then pass this on to 3 other Stylish Bloggers! So fun, right??

My 7 Randoms:

1. I am still too shy to take my outfit photos in public.

2. I kinda like love dark chocolate and eat at least a square almost daily.

3. I really don't have tons of clothes. I recently got rid of lots, and don't have the cash flow for major shopping right now. 

4. I'm still completely and utterly smitten and flattered when one of you lovelies comments on my blog! Seriously, each one makes my day. And don't even get me started on how excited I get when I get a reader email! *swoon*

5. I so badly want to have babies. Really. And I can't wait to someday wear a bikini with a big, prego belly. Is that totally weird and TMI?!

6. I loathe the whole "lol" thing. Have you ever noticed I don't use it, even with tweeting? 

7. I secretly wish I was more quick witted. People with dry, quick humor are my heroes. I'm only funny 'cause I'm a clumsy nerd! 

Ok, I'm passing off the Stylish tellmesevenrandomthingsiprobablydontknowaboutyou Award to:

Thanks again, Tara!!



  1. You totally deserve it, Krystle!!! I loved learning more about you and am looking forward to checking out the ladies you passed this award to!

  2. cute! Love your randoms

  3. thank you! i'm such a nerd! :)

  4. know just to be annoying! (i over use it, hee hee) bet you hate 'hee hees too!) :) sorry! :) (yes i'm think i'm funny just ignore me). Great post and love your #bragbaby idea


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