Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Krystle's Style, remaned!! For now, my blog address will remain the same, but it is now officially titled,

Fierce Fab{ulous} Fit | Where Sassy Style Meets Fitness Fun

My blog has developed to a point where I am ready to create the brand. Krystle's Style was originally something I wasn't completely sure about. I didn't know exactly what shape it would take or how it would evolve over time. I feel strongly about the identity of my blog as a place for women to go to have fun discussing personal style, fitness, living well, shopping and other random girly-type things. This is quickly becoming a place where I can live out my passion for life and the things I love! Thank you to all of you who read, comment and otherwise support me! You all make this whole blogging experience such a fun adventure!!

 As I figure out how I am able to continue to develop my blog from a financial perspective, I will likely purchase my own site, thus moving to a new address. I am also looking into having a whole redesign with a great looking header and an overall layout that reflects who I am and what I'm about. I hope you will all stick around to see how it takes form! Please let me know if there's anyone you recommend for affordable design, or if you have any helpful suggestions for me in general. I would love to hear it!!

I am still sort of debating between 
Fierce Fab Fit or Fierce Fabulous Fit.

Which do you like??

Special thanks to Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door! She helped me brainstorm this idea and kindly encouraged me to move forward with this! Thank you, Eboni!!

for those of you who have me on your blogroll, would you please help me out by changing it there as well?
thank you!!! Also, pass the word if you feel so inclined!



  1. I think I like fab better than fabulous (easier to say)! :) I really love the concept of your blog, as I'm also into fashion AND an athlete! :) I play several sports, but my main one is volleyball, which I've played for over 15 years (including in college) and I still play a 2-3 times per week!

    Plus, being an athlete definitely helps you fit into all the latests styles, right?! Keep up the good work, Krystle!

    -Tara @ Haute Lunch

  2. Thanks for the shout out on your "must reads" tab girl. You're the sweetest! I'm loving this new direction, and I wish you the best of luck as your blog continues to develop and grow. I can't wait to read more.

  3. Fab seems glib. Go for the Fabulous. Congrats on your upcoming success. I am confident you're going to do well!

  4. Thank you so much! This makes me feel so good! I agree about "fab," so I changed it. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, of course! I love your blog so I must pass the word! Thank you for the encouragement!! :)

  6. Thanks, Tara!! I actually decided to go with "fabulous." I think it will still work out nicely. I love hearing more fashion bloggers being into fitness!! I am brainstorming ways to feature bloggers like yourself... stay tuned. :)

  7. Fashionista_Next_DoorMarch 24, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    awww thanks for the shout out, Krystle! It was my pleasure to brainstorm with you! You know, I actually remember when you first joined FBFF and you were wondering how you could jazz up your blog and create a header. Just look at how much your blog has grown since then! and it's just going to keep growing. Keep up the good work!!! :)

  8. Ahhh... thanks! This is just so encouraging!!! :)


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