Saturday, March 12, 2011

"How do I stick to my workout plan??" 3rd Edition

This series of posts was inspired by a couple of readers asking for advice on how to stick to a workout plan. 
Keep those questions coming!!
 I WILL answer them! Go ahead and ask in comments or by email: krystlesstyle [at] gmail [dot] com

First, let's review. Here's what we talked about in Edition #1 & #2:

1. Set Goals
2. Be Realistic
3. Be Accountable
4. Just Start
5. Reward Yourself
6. Prioritize 
7. Early 
8. Passion

I wanted to be sure to address and speak to the fact that not all of my readers are single with no kids like myself. I realize that it can be much more difficult for parents to find the time to work out. Below are a couple of suggestions I have for you parents out there! And at the end I have a little announcement! 

9. Watch TV. Do you have cable? Well, if you get cable through Comcast {in the US} you should be able to watch a variety of workout videos OnDemand. There are dance workouts, aerobics, kickboxing, etc. Definitely give it a try! I am willing to bet that some of the other cable providers have similar options as well. Also, you can check out Amazon for some good dvds at reasonable prices. I bought Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown dvd through Amazon and I love it!

The BonBonRoseGirls posted here recently about their favorite workout videos.

10. Make an agreement. Is there someone in your life that you trust to watch your child? If so, perhaps you can let them know that you're trying to get on a regular workout schedule and see if they would be willing to make an arrangement with you. Maybe even just three days a week they can watch your child{ren} for an hour and a half or so while you get a quick workout in. Hey, even the middle school neighbor-girl could watch them while you're doing a video in the same room! Be creative. Naptime is another opportunity.

Is there anything you would add to the total list? The links to the first posts in the series are up top if you want to review. 

So, my announcement is, I wanted to give y'all fabulous readers a day of the week where you can count on finding a post that's fitness related. I have decided on Fit Tuesdays! I wanted a name that was catchy and easy to remember. I also liked the idea of getting in the "fit" mindset early in the week. Are you excited?? I sure am and I hope you will all join me for Fit Tuesdays! Of course, you will still be hearing about fashion the rest of the week, with some fitness posts sprinkled in there randomly as well. However, Tuesdays are FITdays!

Please send me topics you would like to read about by email {krystlesstyle[at]gmail[dot]com}, comment or Formspring

How are you going to move your body this weekend??

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  1. Fit Tuesday sounds excellent congrats on that. Great tips. Extended Cable has FITTV that has from yoga to aerobics so there's a lot of variety.

  2. Fashionista_Next_DoorMarch 15, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    Alright now, Krystle! You're gonna inspire me to get back on my fitness routine! I used to be sooo good, now I'm soooo not! I'll be looking forward to Fit Tuesdays every week! (wait, today is Tuesday... YAY!!!!! Lol!

  3. I do Insanity work outs in the morning. I love it! And girl, I too was an insomniac and am still a dark chocolate addict. Glad to meet someone else with these problems! haha I hope your love of chocolate continues and your insomnia leaves you forever. ; )

  4. hey girl!! I know, sadly I had some things going on and I missed Fit Tuesday. :( it will be back next week!! BUT either way, you gotta get back on your routine!! ;) No excuses, honey! So glad you're excited about the Fit Tuesdays. I am too!!

  5. Love this comment!! LOVE! My hopes are exactly the same!! :)

  6. thank yoU! and thanks for the info about Extended Cable. I need to edit and add that! :)


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