Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan, With Love


Tomorrow, March 18, I will be participating in a Bloggers Day of Silence through For Japan, With Love {hosted by Ever Ours & Utterly Engaged} out of respect for those in Japan. To be honest with you all, I am having difficulty expressing in words, my emotions surrounding this event. But I will say, the people of Japan will get through this. I am so impressed by those 50 or so brave individuals who stayed behind at the nuclear plant to try to keep the reactors from melting down. This gesture is the true definition of heroism. Also, when I read the stories and view the photos, I want to offer my lowest bow to the Japanese for the grace in which they have shown during this tragic event. As Rumi, from Fashion Toast, mentioned, there is no pandemonium. They are united and caring for one another. They are profound examples of love and compassion for others. I hope that as we all watch their poise and grace from afar, we are impacted and and truly humbled as we look around at what and who we have in our lives.

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  1. The courage that the workers who are carrying out work in the nuclear plant is incredible; an amazing act of heroism.

  2. I totally agree with Joanne. Some of the stories I've watched on the news have been incredible and I'm so happy to hear stories about people finally getting in touch with their loved ones after over a week of searching and silence.

  3. Ya, I still can't believe this whole thing is going down. I find myself holding my breath when I look through the photographs and video footage.


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