Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!!

I rarely wear flats, but this skirt is a little short for me to wear heels with it to work.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! I got an outfit post up early today. I think I am sort of figuring the camera out. At least I got one full length shot!! So, we got TWO INCHES of rain yesterday!! Crazy, right?? And the forecast shows rain for the next 7 days. I was hoping that my Spring-like skirt will make me feel a little less depressed about the dark rain outside. So far it's a good day!

green lace cami - ON {similar}
cable knit cardi - AE via Marshall's
floral tiered skirt - Jessica Simpson Collection {shop}
brown tights - Express
brown flats - Target

Be Fit | Live Well | Have Fun tip: be creative with ways to cheer yourself up and make yourself smile... sometimes it can be contagious!! :) 

Do you ever use your wardrobe to cheer yourself up??
{I'm not talking about shopping either-but that helps too}


  1. fav outfits make everything better!!! :)

  2. oh don't you look CUTE!!!! I love that skirt and the cardigan too! And the flats look great!!!

  3. I love that skirt! It looks very cute on you.

  4. This is such a cute outfit! I'm adoring the skirt. I honestly don't have any floral prints in my closet, but this spring I've developed an obsession with them. Your nail polish is fabulous, too! I definitely like to use my wardrobe to cheer myself up. Sometimes if I'm just having an off day I'll put on a favorite outfit (or work out a new one) and it will make everything a little nicer!

  5. Thanks!! *blushing* You should practice! Heels feel so sexy! haha!
    It's true, fashion IS fun!! always puts a smile on my face!!

  6. Thanks, Monica!! I'll do my best!! ;)

  7. Oh no! I hope you have some rubber boots!! So many people I work with have flooding areas near their houses. Not cool. I hope your field trip is indoors and lots of fun!! :)

  8. I have those shoes in a blue-ish color. I love them!
    The rain stopped a bit today, but I have field trip tomorrow. Here is too a (relatively) dry day!
    The Auspicious Life

  9. That skirt looks so cute on you! I love it. I definitely use my wardrobe to cheer myself up! I think one of the best pick me ups is dressing up. It's always fun to feel nice and pretty!


  10. you look so adorable. skirts suit you so much :) i agree you have gr8 pins xx

  11. I agree with Monica. I love this look! I wear flats all the time - I love heels but can't walk in them.

    And I use my wardrobe to cheer myself up all the time! Isn't that the whole point? Fashion should be fun. xo

  12. love the skirt...and it's not to short. you have hot legs...show them off!



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