Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daytime Glam Eyes!

Hey beauties!! After this post, a lovely reader asked if I would do a tutorial on my eye make up. Why, of course!! It may have taken me a couple weeks, but I'll always do what I can to meet your requests. These are the colors I use {typically} when I do more of a smoky look. I think it's a little on the glam side but still toned down enough for daytime.

Let's get down to business.

  • Cover Girl & Olay Primer
  • MAC Fluidline- Blacktrack
  • MAC shadow- Tempting
  • MAC shadow- Beauty Marked
  • Smashbox shadow- Champagne
  • Two shadow brushes
  • MAC Technakohl Eye Pencil- Graphblack
  • Haute & Naughty Mascara
  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush- Coffee Cake
  • MAC Studio Fix foundation- NW35
  • MAC Lusterglass- Decorative

I'll take you step-by-step with photos!

1. Apply small amount of primer on both eye lids up to eyebrows*.
fresh, clean face-primed eyes
* I don't use primer on my entire face, only because my skin is too oily. 

2. use your shadow brush to spread tempting or your lighter color over entire eyelid


3. Using a smaller brush, add champagne (your bright gold) to your brow bone. I also like to dust some in the corners of my eyes for some extra brightening.

3. Using your shadow brush with the tip, blend beauty marked (your dark color) to the outer area of your eyelid. I sweep some outside the edges a bit.
beauty marked

4. Using your eye pencil, line under your eye. for day keep it thin, night I smudge it a bit. I would say this look is more on the "day" smoky side.

5. Using your fine, pointed brush (not shown- I lost mine so I got creative with the sponge thing) paint a small amount- a little goes a long way- of the MAC fluidline over the top lid. I "wing" some out a bit past the edges. Do this line slowly, in small strokes. Start thin and get a little thicker as you go out. Have some Q-tips ready to wet with eye make-up remover, and "erase" mistakes with. I try to be extra precise with this step!

6. Use a coat of mascara on the bottom lashes, and two or so coats on the top. Be careful to comb through any clumps!! {with the Haute & Naughty, I use the smaller brush for bottom lashes and the thicker for the top}

above and below: left eye has mascara and liquidline- right does not

both eyes all done!
7. Now that your eyes are done, add your foundation, blush and gloss and get 'em, girl!!

coffee cake blush|decorative lusterglass
all done!

8. NOW, SMILE!!!

here's a photo from the post where I loved the way I did smiliar eye make-up an someone asked me to post "how-to."

Here, the eyes are more "evening." I am going to post the evening "how-to" soon. Probably next Sunday. Deal?

What do you think? Was this even helpful at all?? This is my first "how-to" post! It was difficult to do with still photos. I would love any helpful feedback you have!



  1. The eye makeup is so pretty, you look great! Your top is really pretty as well.

  2. Love the site girl it's so seeing it all :)

  3. Very pretty look! Love it- thanks for the tutorial!!!

    -Tara @ Haute Lunch

  4. Very cute and classy! Loving it.

  5. I like the still shots! -xxoo
    beautiful colour, I love gold, bronze shadows mixed with anything! :)

  6. thank you!! I was hoping they would turn out well. This post was hard work!! :)

  7. Amanda, thank you so much!! This site has been my baby! I have kept it to myself not telling anyone in my personal life since November when I first started. I wasn't sure if people would like it or think I'm obsessed with myself. Style blogging can seem narcissistic to some. Anyway, it has been received so well since telling people about it and I love having the support of friends and family! Thanks so much for reading! Love you!!!

  8. Beautiful! Great tutorial. I LOVE the shadows you use!!! I have to get some more MAC shadows. They are my favorite.

  9. You did a great job girl! Looks great!

  10. Thanks, Kendra!! I'm so glad you thought so! I was nervous for you to see it. ;)

  11. thanks! I'm glad it was helpful! I wasn't sure with it being my first and all. :) Yes, MAC shadows are amazing!! I have been using tempting for years!

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