Sunday, March 6, 2011


I gotta be honest, I was impressed with my make up skills! I really wanted to use the dark shadows without making myself look like I had been in a fight! I think I pulled it off this time!

military jacket - Kohl's
lace top - Target
teal tank - ON
flare trousers - by Citizen's of Humanity
platforms - Dany by Jessica Simpson
gold hoops - Bebe
bracelet - Target

Like my dance move up there?? Haha, I was getting sick of my boring "go-to" poses, so I decided to dance around a little. I wore this out to drinks at a little martini bar with the ladies, and then to a birthday celebration at a club for a friend. I learned quickly that I am not cut out to be out at all hours in the morning. I really don't know how I did that in college! I'm over all of that craziness, but it was fun for a night. I have great friends!

Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your outfit shots?

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Early tomorrow the next Be | Fit post will be up! 


  1. Thank yoU!! It is so versatile! I got it maybe 2 months ago and have worn it several times!

  2. Thanks girl! I only could use one shot because I kept boogyin right out of the camera range! Hahah!

  3. they're on SALE for 48.99 on Jessica Simpson Collection page! ;)

  4. Thank you SO MUCH!! Aw... this comment has me smiling so big! I needed to hear this today. :) Very kind words, dear. I really appreciate it!

    Sure! I would love to do a tutorial! I will put it on my list to post in the next couple of weeks!

    Oh, and the Dany's are on SALE right now for 48.99!! *hint, hint*

  5. Oh, thank you!! The make up just takes practice. Take an evening and get your eye make up remover out and experiment over and over. that's how I learn. Enjoy the college years!! It's so fun! Thanks for stopping by, Elle!

  6. doesn't she though?? Her shoes are amazing!!

  7. i am always getting sick of my poses...but i keep trying! i adore your shoes! she can't really sing, but she makes adorable shoes!

  8. This is a fabulous outfit! The top is gorgeous and so is your makeup (I'm so bad with make up!). And haha I'm in college and can't stay out too late :P.

  9. Fashionista_Next_DoorMarch 22, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    Krystle girl!!! you look FABULOUS! I love it all.. the color, the lace top, the flared jeans. WORK IT! I really want the Dany's... hmm, will the hubby disown me if I buy ANOTHER pair of shoes? Lol!

    I know I alerady told you this, but I just love your smile! So cheerful and sunny!

    Oh and your eye makeup looks flawless. can we get a tutorial?

  10. I've loved those Dany shoes for a long time!

  11. LOL! Get it girl!! hahahaa I am always looking for new shots to because I do feel like I do the same shots over and over. LOL!! i might have to try this and dance a little bit! hahaha Love the top and those SHOES!!!!!!!!

  12. I love that lace top, it's way cute! Seems like a super versatile piece.


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