Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trivia Tuesday!!

Fashion Trivia:

Q: During the Great Depression, what did women use black eye liner for?

MAC has this great eye shadow that matched my dress!

A: to draw a line down the back of her leg to make it appear as though she was wearing nylons!

How was that for some fashion fun on your Tuesday afternoon?? I got this desk calendar... one of the tear-away ones. And it's full of fun fashion facts and history. Cool, right?? When I decided to wear these tights, I knew I would put this little fun fact to use in my post.

A few notes on the outfit: I didn't have a wrap dress and I found this one on clearance for $14.97!!! Can you believe it?! Originally, I think it was $98.00. I had to get it!! Anyway, I liked it better without the cami underneath, but I tend to go more conservative at work. I think it's important, even for us fashionistas, to make sure we dress with intention and style, but modify appropriately on the job. I make in a priority to look professional in order to be taken seriously as a young, black woman in the professional world. It's important to me to be fashionable and keep my sassy looks, without losing my sense of professionalism in the workplace.

Do you have a job where you find it necessary to modify certain outfits for the sake of professionalism?

By the way, I work as an intake specialist in behavioral and developmental pediatrics. Basically, that means I speak with parents about the challenges their children are having, along with triage and making referrals.

wrap dress - Banana Republic {shop similar}
polka dot nylons - Banana Republic {shop}
gray cami - ON
black stillettos - Macy's by Jessica Simpson
jewel necklace - f21


  1. Love the vintage-style tights and the gorgeous amber pendant - they really add that little extra something to your cute blue dress. Orange and blue are direct opposites, maybe that's why they look so pretty together?

  2. Thanks! I was so scared of snagging them! :)

  3. Love, LOVE those tights! You're whole outfit is great!:)
    p.s.-thanks so much for your comment--now I've found your blog!

  4. OHHHHH, THANK YOu!!! I am checking it out right NOW!! :)

  5. Thanks, Charee!! I was SO EXCITED when I found it! And it wasn't even my usual size but it worked out fine!

  6. Thanks so much!! I am glad you guys liked the question! I thought it would be fun and unique! :)

  7. Lovely outfit, my dear and I love love LOVE that hosiery with the seams up the back. I gave you a little award love on my blog this morning. Check it out in this post: http://www.lindsayliving.com/2011/02/thanks/

  8. What a cute way you incorporated the trivia question in with your outfit!!! That calendar sounds too cute, I need one in my life! LOL That is a FAB wrap dress and you got it for a great price too!! :)

  9. Fashionista_Next_DoorMarch 22, 2011 at 10:11 PM

    Great trivia question. That is one of those random facts that I totally remembered from high school history. LOL!!!

    Love those tights, too! and that teal color is great on you!

  10. Thanks, Monica!! I have had this necklace for like 2 or 3 years and this is the FIRST time I have worn it! :)

  11. love the necklace and tights.

    xo monica


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