Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey All!!

If you're reading this either you're on the East Coast {but still up dang early}, you have insomnia or you have a root canal at 7 am, and you're freaked out you'll sleep in, so your anxious body woke you up at 2 am... Guess which I am?! Yep, I'll be in the lovely dental chair in just hours. Yuck! As much as I hate it, I have a rockin' dentist who knows what he's doing and takes good, special care of his scaredy-cat patients like myself! After next week's visit I'm $850 poorer and done with dental care for a lonnng time!! Did you know that if your mouth produces less saliva than the average person, no matter how much you brush and floss you're screwed?! Yes, it's sick and true, you're getting cavities whether you like it or not! I'm one of those lucky ducks. Sweeet!! OK, on to the fashion blog!!So, I still don't have my camera which is super lame, but in the mean time I have a few topics I would like to bring up on my blog. Please feel free to join the conversation by comment or email!!

First of all, you will see the link for Tobi.com on my sidebar~ if you purchase using the code KRYSTLE20, you will receive 20% off. Tobi is launching their new site today, which is pretty cool! I encourage you all to check it out! You see, I was going to make a purchase and review it for you, but {see dental bill above} it was bad timing and I may need to purchase a camera soon... But I have a friend who says she began using their site a couple months ago and she really likes them. Check it, folks, check it!!

*Question: Do you have sponsors for your site? Any feedback on your experience? How do you decide if you will have someone sponsor you or not when you're offered?

Ok, it's almost 3 am and this cavity queen needs her root canal rest!!


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  1. Thanks, Prissy! And thank you so much for stopping by!! :)

  2. Congratulations on your sponsor!!! I will check them out now!



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