Monday, February 14, 2011

So much to say on Valentine's Day!!

Hey lovely, beautiful readers!!

First, Happy Valentine's Day!! I have an outfit post, and some fun things to share with you on this fabulous Monday!!

The #1 thing I want to share with you all, is how amazing I am feeling!!! The pain was back with a vengeance this weekend, which was kind of rough, and I am feeling some of it today too. But those two days of pure health last week gave me a lot of momentum and the mental toughness I need to stay in "the game" and get through the hard days!! I feel like even with those set backs I am getting back to me. I cannot put into words how good it feels to be me again! A big thank you to my readers! I think blogging is really helping me!

Secondly, is anyone following The Single Woman by Facebook or Twitter?? Even if  you are partnered or married, I would suggest following her. She just sends out a lot of inspiration and encouragement! I love her quotes!! Anyway, today she launched her website. Go check her out!!

Also, what are everyone's thoughts on Valentine's Day?? Love it? Hate it?? Too much commercialism?? I am currently single, but I don't mind Valentine's Day. I say if you love it, celebrate and if you don't care then don't! Personally, I bought myself a bouquet of flowers yesterday {in my photos} to wake up to today. I knew no one else was going to get me any, and dang it, I deserve them right now!!

What are your thoughts?

military jacket - Kohl's
lace top - Victoria's Secret Online {a few similar here}
corduroy skirt - ON... here's how I styled this skirt last time I wore it
black tights - The Limited
ruched boots - Nordstrom by Jessica Simpson

having a hair issue

i know my face looks creepy... just wanted to show some of the detail. :)

that darn hair!
tell me your V-Day plans, too!
Love, love, love,


  1. Thanks, Linda!! I loved getting the flowers, too! I will probably do that more often. You should try it sometime. :)

  2. That lace top looks lovely on you.
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better recently. And I love that you celebrated yourself with roses! What a great way to spend the day!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Hi Michelle!! Welcome, and thank you for following me!! YAY!! I hope you enjoy following me along on my journey as a new blogger!! :) I will check out your blog this afternoon and follow along!

  4. hope you had awesome v-day :)
    im your new follower will you follow me back please?

  5. Hey Girl,

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!
    Really pretty top, I love the lace. Cool outfit and I didn't see any hair issues.
    You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anybody else so kudos to you for buying yourself some flowers. I love fresh flowers in the house, makes a room look so fresh.
    I have you on my prayer list interceding for total divine health for you.
    My hubby and I went out to eat and that was really special. Everyday is Valentine's day to me because I am married to my best friend.

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words!! You are so very sweet and thoughtful! Thank you for the prayers also. I very much need them. You have no idea how much this blesses and encourages me!! :) Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!! I LOVE hearing that people are married to their best friends! There is nothing more beautiful!


Your comments mean so much to me!! Thank you for the support!!


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