Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember This?! #3- the Glam Edition

see the pretty seams on the skirt??
Hey dolls!!!

What do you think about this look?? I have to be honest, I love this outfit!! This black leather skirt was my first really spendy classic piece I purchased. I worked at Old Navy as my first job my senior year of high school. When this skirt came in I knew right away I would buy it even though it was over a couple hundred dollars. At 17 that is a lot of money!! But I waited until it was on sale and bought it! It has held up perfectly for 10 years!! Definitely an investment piece. I like the A-line cut with the seams in it. I don't usually knot my necklaces, but I even like the way that part looks. So fun!! I haven't worn this look yet... I think I will wear it to a nice girls' night out, or a more semi-formal date.

faux fur vest - Kohl's
gray top - f21
leather A-line skirt - Old Navy
black stilettos - Macy's by Jessica Simpson
necklace - f21

Let's take a look back, shall we??

Which look is your favorite??


  1. Wow! You look great in that leather skirt! I think people's eyes would bug out if I wore that to teach but the kids would think I was a rockstar! They already love my ever changing outfits and thought my faux leather jacket made me soooo cool. I love this look!

  2. No, feel free!! I am excited to see it!! :)

  3. I know, right?! I actually jumped outside this morning to shoot before work, and the shots weren't good. But I'm going to shoot when I get home. Have to. You mind if I use your photos on my blog when the post goes up?


  4. NO WAY!! That's great and CRAZY!! I love it!! I have never really read your blog before but I have been poking around and I am definitely a fan!! I hope you're going to post the skirt!! :) Also, I am newer around here but hopefully you will visit again soon! I can't believe this... so erie!! :)

  5. OMG. This is some seriously freaky stuff. OK, first, I LOVE the vest! And this whole look. You know I'm a fan of furry vests. Second, I pop over to find this post since you mentioned the vest in a comment on my blog, and I SEE YOU IN THE SKIRT I'M WEARING RIGHT NOW! Totally, dead serious. Same skirt. Styled almost the same way. This very moment.

    Are we sisters from another mister?


  6. haha! they have every now and then but I don't think they have pieces like this in regularly. I got lucky that year! :)

  7. Glam is RIGHT, hot stuff! I didn't know Old Navy carried such investment pieces.
    The Auspicious Life


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