Thursday, February 24, 2011

Light Bulb ~ Be Fit | Live Well | Have Fun!!!

OhMyGosh!!! I can't believe I didn't start this SOONER!!

 So, here's the thing; I will always be real on my blog. When you come to Krystle's Style* you're going to get the real deal, ok? Since that is my promise, I have to share with you that I've been struggling a bit. I have been trying to figure out what is missing from my blog. I think at first I was telling myself that I just wanted more readers/followers, and then reminding myself that my blog is still fairly "new." But no, there's something missing! I had asked a couple of bloggers that I really look up to, most recently Colette, from Statements In Fashion, and she as well as others have offered some fabulous advice that I definitely take to heart. But as I was reflecting this morning, on the email Colette sent me last night, I got stuck. She suggested some DIY or cooking posts to mix things up a bit. While that's a wonderful idea, I knew it wasn't me. And after all, I want to be as true to myself as possible here.
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Then suddenly LIGHT BULB! DUH, Krystle, FITNESS!!! HELLO!!?? It hit me like a ton of bricks!! The perfect, honest blogbyme is fashion and fitness! I think I have been sort of pushing that side of me back, since I am unable to be very active {here's why} these days. But I don't have to be active to talk about it!! I am so excited about this!! See, among other things, the top questions I am asked for advice about by co-workers, church friends, family, etc., are about fashion and fitness. I can't tell you how many different women I have worked with over the years, have approached me to ask how I stay in shape and if I would be willing to help them. I have not only learned to create wellness plans in college, but I have been doing it for years for friends who have been losing and hit a plateau, recently had a baby and looking to get the weight off, want to create a more healthy plan of eating {I don't like the word "diet'}, how to motivate themselves to work out more, and the list goes on and on and ON!! So, lovely readers, what I will have for you, are posts that I will call "Be Fit|Live Well|Have Fun." I am keeping it open right now. It won't be a certain day of the week {for now}, but I will do it when I feel like it! It will include many different things:

  • ideas for healthy snacks/meals I am currently loving 
  • workout ideas
  • motivational "stuff"
  • possibly some recipes {I am gluten-free, so likely gf, too}
  • and just different tips on living well. 

I know I haven't talked about this much on my blog yet, but get ready!! This is what I have been missing!! I don't have to be able to work out, in order to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have with all of YOU!!

Anything you would like me to post about specifically in the "Wellness" realm??

Comment below or email me any time!!


  1. Hey!! Thanks SO MUCH for this thoughtful comment!! This is exactly the type of feedback I was hoping for!! I will make sure each of your questions are answered in a timely manner!! :) Yay, I am so excited!! You will have to let me know what you think of what I posted today on this. :) Also, sure I would be honored to guest post! I have never done that before. SWEET!!

  2. I am so happy for you that you have found what you love to do.
    I would love to see tips on what to do to start a routine program and stick with it, so many people fall off the wagon.
    What do you do when you have a sugar craving? How do you combat that sugar monster?

    I will think of some more things and get back with you.
    I would love to have you do a guest post on my blog on fitness. What type of fibers do you wear when you workout? Do you think it matters?
    When the weathers bad outside what do you do to keep your fitness in check?

    I love working out with fitness videos of all kinds and I love to dance. I am working on reviews of videos now.

    Have a good one and talk to ya soon.


  3. Thanks, lady!! I am excited too! Thank you so much for helping me get the ball rolling on this! You're so very kind to give of your time that way!! xo

  4. Thank you!! This change will make it TRULY me!! I have a fabulous post planned for some time tomorrow... I am posting my FBFF one early, and hoping it's not too much to post both in the same day, but I honestly don't know if I can wait longer than tomorrow! :)

  5. What an awesome idea and i've not seen any fashion and fitness blog so its truly unique. Cant wait to see how your blog evolves :)

  6. LOVE the new idea!!! Love the new page too.....I think being true to yourself is THE most important thing you can do for your blog.....and like I mentioned recently in an interview I did, I would rather have fewer followers who actually read what I write, than many followers who could care less...I think you are onto something fab here....and I'm looking forward to the new changes around here:) Way to go!!


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