Monday, February 7, 2011

Get to know ME!!

Happy Monday!

So, TM, over at Paper Packages Tied up with Strings tagged me in this 'Get to Know You' post.

1.  Why did you create your blog? Many of you already know why, but I will share again. First off, I love fashion. I always have. I have planned my outfits, organized my closet/drawers by color, etc. since I was very young. I know, I'm just a weirdo and obsessive by nature! Anyway, secondly, I've been dealing with some chronic illnesses related to my GI system and reproductive system for over a year now. Somewhere in there I started to really lose who I was. I wasn't really "getting dressed" anymore, I was throwing my hair back into a ponytail every day, things like that. Nothing is quite wrong with either, but for me something was very wrong with it. Part {not all} of who I am is fashion, style and being unique and creative in my looks. I had also lost a ton of weight from not working out and eating like I used to. So over the past few months I've restored my weight and challenged myself to be "me" again, as much as I can, no matter how I feel! I try not to blog a ton about the illness stuff, mainly because I am really dramatic, so it will usually sound pathetic and depressing, but I do use my blog as a way to keep with my love of fashion and to keep myself accountable to not let myself go again. <--- how was that for a run-on sentence!?? Haha. Anyway, even on days where I am feeling useless and awful physically, it makes me feel a bit better to force myself to get "ready" as I normally would. {see my "About Me" for more on this}

2. What kind of blogs do you follow? I follow mostly fashion-related blogs. I also follow a few blogs about life that friends have, some fitness blogs and a couple blogs that have to do with some of the health issues I struggle with. I enjoy blogs that have a personal "feel" to them. I at least check SkinnyRunner, ChareeLenee, ModlyChic, AHastlyLife, HomemadebyMonica, PaperPackagesTiedupwithStrings daily.

3.  Favorite makeup brands? Well, I have to say MAC Cosmetics. I LOVE, LOVE MAC!! I even love the smell of MAC makeup! However, I hate their mascaras. They may have changed over the years, but I just steer clear now. For mascara I use Maybeline Lash Stiletto and Eyeko. Check both these out!! I am not usually big on drugstore brands {mostly because with my skin tone usually more spendy products work best} but I tried Lash Stiletto on a whim recently and I love it! Eyeko runs more pricey. I found it at the Beauty Bar in Downtown Portland. I asked the woman at the desk for her favorite kind and why, and I liked her answer and have been using it ever since! Totally worth the extra dough!! I would say Lash Stiletto is just as good but doesn't last as long. In my experience drug store brands tend to dry out quicker.

4.  Favorite clothing brands? Brands?? I don't know if I shop by brand... well, maybe for shoes. The shoe brands I am in love with and own the most of are Michael Kors and Jessica Simpson. Then there are jeans. I. Love. Jeans. LOVE! Love them so much that I am currently grounded from buying them. My favorite jeans are made by Citizens of Humanity and 7 for All Mankind. They make my body look proportioned and make my butt look good! I truly believe that pricey jeans and shoes are worth the extra money! As for the rest, I buy what I like. Sometimes that could mean something spendy and designer from Nordstrom, and sometimes that could mean something more generic I find at Target when I am really there for laundry detergent. My bad.

5. Your indispensable make-up product? Mascara and lip gloss. Hands down!!

6. Your favorite colour? My favorite colors are constantly rotating, to be honest with you. If I have to pick one, black. My reason for this is no matter what my current list of favs is, black is always on it!! It's classic.

7. Your perfume? Unforgivable Woman by Sean John. Great scent, check it out!!

Unforgivable Woman by Sean John Parfum Spray 1.7 oz (177384)

8. Favorite film? Well... this is a tough one. I am honestly not a movie person. Love & Basketball is one. Mostly for sentimental reasons. Another would be most of the older Disney  Movies- sentimental as well... my brothers and I watched them all the time growing up and I was always the princess! :) Oh, and the movie Juno is just flat out freaking hilarious!!

9.  What country would you like to visit and why? I would certainly go back to China!! I visited last summer and loved so many aspects of their culture!! SO MANY!!! If you would like a post or two about what I loved, just let me know and I would be glad to tell you more! I also want to visit Sierra Leone one day.

10.  Write your own question and answer it yourself - I am not creative enough to think of one right now... ask and I'll answer!

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P.S.... FBFFers, remember that question a few weeks back about amazing DIYers?! Well, Monica is your woman! Check her out ASAP!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and showing some love!! :)

  2. Fashionista_Next_DoorMarch 22, 2011 at 10:11 PM

    Great read, Krystle! So glad you shared a little bit about you with us. It is so wonderful to hear your story, and what blogging means to you. I am glad to be a part of a community of fabulous & inspiring women!

    It is so funny, I never wanted to go to China but my in-laws sing China's praises all the time so they've totally peaked my interest.

    On mascara, I am right with you. In my experience the drugstore brands make THE BEST mascara. Way better than any of the really expensive department store brands. I have heard great things about DiorShow but I have never tried it because why pay $30 for one tube of mascara when I can get long voluminous lashes with an $8 tube of Maybelline?

  3. I am sorry to just now get back to you, but this comment made me feel so good!! I will come back to this for encouragement! You're so thoughtful!! Thanks, Jessica! :)

  4. Oh, I used to use DiorShow too! Love that stuff!!! Also, I can't wait to see your answers today!! :)

  5. Thanks for passing on to me.. I love doing stuff like this. LOL I'm always the first one to reply back to those emails people send where you have to answer all these questions about yourself. LOL LOL AND girl, we have so much in common!!! I LOVE MAC too and feel the same about their mascara. I've grown to love DiorShow. I love their mascara!! My second Fave movie is Love & Basketball too and my favorite color is BLACK! hahhaa My bridesmaids wore black dresses in my wedding! LOL LOL I'll get on this for my post for Wednesday. :-)

  6. You are too sweet and so adorable! Thanks for your sweet comments! I read your "about me" section and was really touched. I think that's amazing that your keeping such a good attitude. You'll be in my prayers girl! I can't wait to see more sassy looks by you.


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