Thursday, February 17, 2011

Advice you didn't ask for..

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Hey Fabulous Folks!! Today I am going to give you some advice you didn't ask for. The following are 2 beauty tips I have used for ages and 1 that I recently started using and probably will forever. I thought I would share the knowledge with you today!

1.Vaseline. All of us heel/sandal-wearing women, know what happens to your feet when they are squeezed into our oh-so-fashionable shoes, day after day, right?? They get dry and just plain gross! With Spring coming up, thus more shoes that show off your feet, it's time to start treating them well {if you haven't already}. Over the warm months I see women in sandals who's feet are like cracking off, and I think to myself Where are her friends and family?? Someone needs to tell her to do something!! Honestly, this is more of a maintenance tip than a repair tip, but I am going to be "that friend" today, who tells you to take care of your feet!! So, when you start noticing a little dryness no need to worry, just grab a small tub of Vaseline/Petroleum jelly at the drugstore {usually about $2.00} and some thick socks. Then put a generous coat of it on your feet and wear those socks around for an hour or so and your feet will be beautifully soft*! I like to use a pumice stone in the shower first, just to slough off any dry skin.
 Another side note: Vaseline is like a magic product. Put it on dry lips, elbows, knees {just NOT your face} and you will see almost instant moisture!

I like to use the extra thick socks that are more like slippers

2. Primer. I have actually recently started using primer. This stuff is AMAZING!!! I had first heard about Smashbox's brand. It runs for over $30.00. The day I was going to pick some up, I heard that Covergirl and Olay had created one that was just as effective. I think I spent around $15.00 for this one. Half the price and the same quality?! Sign me up! So I picked this up and it's fabulous. Primer truly does make a difference. I just pump a teeny tiny amount onto my finger tip and spread it over my eyelid before applying my eye make up. When I apply it, it goes on smoother,the color is richer and doesn't crease throughout the day at all. Seriously!! I would put it over my whole face, so it's underneath my foundation powder {when I actually wear it} but my face already has major oil issues, and to be honest, I could feel the first time I put it on, that it was definitely going to worsen the oil. So if you have extremely oily skin I would suggest limiting your use to priming eye make up.

3. Baby oil. Not only do I love the product for what it does, but I absolutely adore the smell of this stuff! Is that weird?? I really do. So, when my skin is feeling a little dry, rather than coating my entire body in Vaseline {yuck} I put Baby oil over my entire body {excluding face} last, before getting out of the shower. Rather than rinsing it off I just leave it on and then I dry off. I do this at my night time shower since it can leave your skin looking kinda glossy. But it feels really nice and soft afterwards. Another thing is, you can squeeze a generous amount into a hot bath. You get the same effect after. Caution: the shower/bath will be SLIPPERY so be careful not to fall!!

* I have heard that wrapping your feet in plastic wrap rather than socks works too, I just haven't tried it.

Do you have anything to add? I would love to hear it!


  1. Thanks, girl!! I think I like this background and layout too. It's nice to get feedback about it. :) Let me know if you try that primer!

  2. oooo I totally use baby oil and lotion too! I love it! Primer is amazing. I've been using Smashbox but totally want to try the Covergirl and Olay one now that I know they make one! Love the new background too!

  3. Ohhh, I haven't tried the cocoa butter baby oil gel, but I do have the cocoa butter vaseline! :)

  4. I'm glad you gave me that link... I didn't know about the 7 random facts! Funny how things get lost in transition. :) And aren't you quite the star?! I didn't know you had received this before!! I am SO not surprised by it!! Don't worry about posting on it again if you don't want to. I didn't know you already had. Still, you're one of my picks!!! :)

  5. Oh thanks for the tip girl! I'm definitely trying out that foot treatment this weekend! And thanks for the award! You're too sweet. When someone so graciously gifted this award to me before, I did a post on my random facts here: I'll definitely give you a shout out though, so thanks again!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I am a baby oil and vaseline gal myself! I even like the coco butter smelling baby oil gel that's made my Vaseline!!


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