Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Snapshot

Wow, what a weekend!


One of my dearest friends, "A" texted me when I was on my way to work, asking if I wanted to go to the beach for the weekend. She's going through an awful time right now, and needed to get away. I was stoked to get away with her. We've been close friends since the 7th grade!! Anyway, I left work a little early and raced home to pack my bags, picked up some treats, and headed over to meet A for our little road trip. We arrived at her beach home in the early evening. It sits less than a mile from the water, on a beautiful golf course. That night we drank wine, snacked, and just relaxed together. You know, there's nothing like ending the work week with a mini vacay with your best friend, full of laughs, tears and everything in between!



self portrait
We woke up bright and early! We had a nice, chill morning eating a light breakfast and liesurely getting ready to go out for the day. A's grandpa lives in an assisted living facility near the beach house, so we went there for a short visit. Afterwards we went to Seaside, one of the more popular cities on the Oregon Coast. We took a long walk on the beach. It was a really beautiful day as you can see on the photos! Then we went to this arcade on the main "strip" in Seaside. It was so much fun! We are both really competetive, so we played skee-ball next to each other, comparing scores after each round. We also played this basketbal game where the hoop moves closer and further away while you're shooting. Again, we played competetively. I did really well at the basketball game. My dad would have been proud! We did a little browsing in the shops and I bought some new sunglasses for $7.00. Score! Then we did a little grocery shopping and went back to the house. We had an afternoon mimosa and relaxed the rest of the night. I was in a lot of pain and she was exhausted, so we were happy to enjoy some chocolate, each other and some trashy television!

i love her!
lil pose for the blog, of course!

~so beautiful~


don't wanna leave
Sadly, it was time to head home. We had a truly wonderful weekend together. I have been blessed with friends that have sincere, beautiful, compassionate hearts.  Like I said, A is a dear, dear friend and I was happy to be there to support her through this difficult time. We spent the morning cleaning the beach house and headed out in the early afternoon. We got back to Portland and spent some time with her family. I haven't seen them in awhile, so I enjoyed catching up with them a bit. Soon I went home to do laundry and get ready for the week. I also picked out most of my 30 pieces for 30x30!! I'm still undecided on if I'll do it or not, but I thought it would help me decide by getting started and coming up with some possible ideas.

All in all, it was just really great to get away and rest and spend some quality time with A!

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