Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Snapshot

Well, I would say as a whole, it was a pretty great weekend!

Here's the rundown:


The work week had been the busiest in the office that I can remember in at least a year. Honestly, it was difficult to keep my head above water with all the work. It was crazytown!! So by the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was completely drained! I just wanted to be at home with peaceful quiet. After work I did some grocery shopping and guess what I saw when I walked in to Safeway??! BING CHERRIES!!! I could live on these! And not only that, but they were on SALE for like $2.99/lb.! You don't understand, I practically ate these for at every meal over the summer. I was devastated when they were no longer in season! Now they are back and I nearly squealed with joy when I saw them!

Then it was off to R-E-L-A-X at home with the latest issues of Elle and People, and a new episode of The Fashion Police. That show kills me. It's seriously sooo funny! Joan Rivers is HILarious!! It was great to unwind. Later that night I got to have a phone date with my best friend in Montreal. She was traveling over the holidays and forgot her phone, so we hadn't talked in weeks! A long talk with my best friend and some chillaxin' {and cherries}was just what I needed.

I slept in a little and made myself this tasty breakfast:

Organic, cage-free eggs, organic turkey sausage, Trader Joe's hash browns. And you better believe I had a handful of those cherries with it!

Then I had plans to go get my car detailed and do a little shopping. On my way out my mom called and asked if I wanted to shop with her. Perfect timing! You see, I'm her only daughter out of 4 kids, so she's always a sucker and buys me stuff when we go out together. I usually gratefully accept! Ha! Anyway, Pier One Imports was having a huge sale! We saw these pretty candles and we both gasped at the same time, then she says, "these are so you! I will treat you, pick the ones you want." Thanks, Mama. We went a few more places including heaven Target. I found this top on sale for about $9.00. It's just the lacy top that you put over other ones. Cute, right?

purple top from H&M
Mom and I had sushi and I headed home. After the long week I had, shopping kinda tuckered me out. Once home, I did a core workout and relaxed with candles lit everywhere. It was simple delight.

one of my Pier One candles

Slept in a bit again. Got up {ate cherries} and did my fingers and toes. Of course, in OPI, "Linkin Park After Dark." I'm still obsessed. I watched some bits of football {ate cherries} and went out again. I wanted to look at Old Navy's clearance. I rarely shop there for regular priced items, but I like rare finds in their clearance. See, I love a good bargain, but not enough to shop at Ross or Marshall's... places like that just look like a monster-sized closet vomited in a small warehouse and it's just disorganized mayhem. Major props for those of you who aren't so high maintenance have the patience for those stores. They give me anxiety. Occasionally a friend will drag me in, but I'm usually pouting a few minutes in. I know my limits and trying to dig through those racks is certainly one of them. Anyway, back to clearance at Old's far enough after the holidays that I figured it would be organized and manageable for limited shoppers like myself, and it was! Yesss! I bought this cute little corduroy purpleish mini skirt ($7.49), a turquoise tank ($4.99), 2 pairs of flip-flops {2 for $5.00, only to be worn in my home because I don't like being barefoot on hardwoods} and some cropped yoga spandex things that fit funky and I'm taking them back {$19.50}. Anyway, I am stoked about my bargains this weekend. Also, I think I am about done shopping for a bit. Perhaps I will start my 30 for 30 later this week...? We shall see.

Okay, I am done boring you to pieces with my random weekend stuff.

Oh, my Copito boots should be here today! Yayyy!

"With an ass like that, she should enter the room backwards."
-Joan Rivers, The Fashion Police

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