Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Snapshot

Friday~ NYE

I have been sick for a week, so I knew I would just relax. However, during the day I went out and did a little shopping! I got a couple of super glam cocktail rings {which I cannot find on the website, sorry} at Aldo Shoes. Have I mentioned I love that store?! They have some great accessories for reasonable prices. Anyway, I walked around browsing/shopping downtown in the 30' weather and there's this coat I have been eyeing at American Eagle that I decided to go look at {again}. Since I have a similar one in black, I haven't been able to justify spending over $100 on it. But I ripped the inside of one of the sleeves a couple of weeks ago, and it's also getting a little worn down. So I stopped in AE and it was on sale - originally $116, and I got it for $56! What a steal, right?! I'm pretty excited about it. Great fit, great quality and so my style! I'm sooo all about faux fur lined hoods.
AE Puffer Coat
my coat is similar to this one.. I can't find the actual one on the website. it's here

Later that evening I picked up groceries {I have to have an adequate supply of dk chocolate at all times}, Vogue's "Best Dressed of 2010" and People's "Yearbook of 2010." Then I got take out from PF Chang's for my warm evening in of NYE solitude. If you're wondering what I ordered, it was chicken & shrimp fried rice and lettuce wraps from the gluten- free menu. Yummy!!

That night I just relaxed, painted my nails, read magazines, etc.


I woke up feeling wayyy sicker! Ears hurt, throat hurt, coughing from my chest, sore throat... yuck. So I woke up in all sorts of pain at 5am, and fell back to sleep at some point. All day I just tried to rest. However, my parents have an annual dinner party on New Year's Day each year. But it's not just any dinner party. My mom makes the most scrumptious seafood gumbo you could ever imagine! Naturally, I had to stop by and my mom totally hooked me up {while insisting there is no coughing allowed in their house}. After she dished me up a hearty amount I took my sickly, likely contagious self home to enjoy the delishiousness all alone. Wah, wah... just kidding. I don't mind being alone but I would prefer not to feel like crap! Hmmm... that mostly sums up Saturday. Chill.


The morning was pretty much a repeat of the day before. Then I watched some Kendra, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and football! Oh, how I love football! Sadly, the Titans {my team} lost. 20-23. It was a good game, but I'm bummed because they had a shaky season and this was their last chance to qualify for the playoffs. Oops. Maybe next year, guys!

Oh, and Nora!! She's my very bestest friend in the world! She's in law school in Montreal, so we don't see eachother often. And she lost her phone last week, so I have been missing her lots! We got to Skype tonight and now I can absolutely say my holiday season was complete and perfectly lovely.


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  1. Aww, even though you were sick, it sounds like you had a great NYE and weekend! I hope your feeling better!


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