Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok, you will quickly learn that I get kinda, REALLY excited over little things! I can be having the worst day and find a piece of dark chocolate in my desk at work and totally freak out with joy! It's pretty rad. So, I was about to do a product review for you all, and then I saw it... I was on the OPI website today, when I stumbled across the coolest thing EVER!!! You go to the top of the home page and click "TRY ON THIS COLOR" and it takes you to this hand where you can slide the arrows to match your skin color {seriously cool, right??} and your nail length... THEN, you can try on any of their colors and even add sparkles with the "SHATTER" button! It's super rad!! When you click on "BOTTLE," in that section, the bottle of the color you're experimenting with appears {duh} with the name of your color and the description.
It doesn't look this purple IRL- photo
Which, brings me back to why I was on their page in the first place. Linkin Park After Dark - Where midnight meets purple... and KrystlesStyle's new favorite color!! I am in love! See, I really like the whole black nail polish look, but sometimes it's a bit too intense for me. So this color is basically nail perfection in a bottle.

Seriously, check out the site!!

au revoir!

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  1. I love opi and Linkin Park after Dark. If you like it, you will love Siberian Nights, also from OPI. It is my numero uno!


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