Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pullin' out the CHEESE on a Chill Saturday

Well, I guess the title speaks for itself. This is just a Saturday outfit relaxing around the house. This was actually taken last Saturday, so I was really sick {and it was only about 30' outside}. I was mostly home and I think I ran a few errands to the pharmacy and the grocery store... things like that. Mainly I was just home whining about how crappy I felt being as ill as I was. But I must say, when you are in bed sick for more than just a day or two, no matter how badly you feel, it makes you feel a bit better to get up and shower and actually get dressed and maybe even a little make up. It makes me feel refreshed, even if I am just going to get back on the couch with a blanket, a book and some tea.

Anyone agree??

The great news is I'm still sick but feeling 10 times better than I was last weekend!!

this one is really cheesy

and so is this one

head to toe
grey v-neck - f21
black extended tank - f21
white puffy vest - borrowed
green leggings - AE
white thigh high socks* - Target
brown fake Uggs - Costco??

A few notes about the outfit: I really like leggings. Um, actually I really LOVE them. You will see me in them often; sometimes dressed up, and sometimes dressed down. I like them because they add versatility and they are way comfortable. I randomly picked up a couple of pairs because American Eagle had a 2 for $15 deal or something. Then I loved them so much that I went back and bought the rest in my size. It was my lucky day, because the clerk said that was their last shipment of the season. I guess me and Leggings are just meant to be. 
 The thigh high socks from Target are awe-some! They are super warm. I scrunched them lots inside the boots to make them not go up so high. This kept me warm and looked better. The fake Ugg boots are nowhere near as comfortable than my real ones! My real ones are really cute and unique, too. Maybe I will do an outfit in those soon...

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!! 

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