Sunday, January 9, 2011

No more ponytails...

My to do list for this week:

1. My hair
3. MY HAIR!!!
a pony tail day... 1/5/11

Seriously, four out of my five workdays this week {I was home sick for one} my hair was in a ponytail!! Unacceptable! I need to wake up earlier, and not be so lazy!! My hair is so easy to style and take care of and I look so much better when it's at least half down.

 So there's my goal for this week:

4 of 5 days next week, hair styled

Stay tuned for photos!!

Is there anything you tend to skip when you don't make enough time in the morning??


  1. Girl, I was good for ponytails, that is why I got my hair cut! LOL My hair used to be long and I was so afraid to cut it, so I did short in back and kept the front still kinda long. Its so easy to maintain. I wrap it at night and in the morning, I just comb it out and go. It's so easy and doesn't take up any of my time. I shower, get dressed, comb and go. I'm out the door in 30 minutes. I do have a bad habbit of doing my make-up while I'm in traffic... I know, I have got to get out of that. LOL LOL

  2. YES! My makeup... but i never leave the house with out my lip gloss!

  3. I am totally guilty of the go-to pony tail. I'm impressed that you are going to force yourself to do more!

    The Auspicious Life


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