Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keepin' it real...

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Well, today's post is a little more serious. My "About Me" section mentions that I'm battling a chronic illness. I do not intend to go into too much detail on it at this at this point, just because it's not the purpose of my blog. If it feels appropriate/relevant I may in the future. Who knows. Anyway, without too much complaining or making you feel like you just walked into a KrystlesStyle pity party, I will say that the past couple of weeks have been intense and increasingly difficult for me mentally, emotionally and physically. As I've been in a lot of pain I have been quite sedentary and became really depressed as a result. Before about 18 months ago I had always been active. I used to be a runner, loved strength training, fitness classes, and just a fitness and nutrition {and dark chocolate} junkie! I grew up that way. My mom was a runner and my dad played pro basketball. Physical activity was just the norm in our household, and still is in my family. Fast forward to lately and I've just been barely functioning, so working out isn't something I've made a priority. Well this week I've been thinking about how something has to change! I was really starting to feel bad about myself. Although I can't run like I used to, I've still found my own ways to be active up until recently... I would stretch at the very least every day and lately haven't even done much of that. This morning, still feeling low, still in pain, I pushed myself! I did a Yoga Meltdown dvd with Jillian Michaels. It felt sooo good to break a major sweat, challenge my body and know it would bring my spirits up, and guess what? IT TOTALLY DID!! After my workout I did my normal weekly cleaning of my apartment, showered, painted my nails, ate some lunch and now I am relaxing with a smile on my face!! I love post-workout highs! Don't you??! Do you ever notice that no matter what you weigh or look like, when you don't workout for awhile it affects your body image negatively? Or for some women maybe this happens when you haven't been eating balanced? For me that stuff is so mental. Being physically fit and taking care of my body is so important to me, and when I'm not pushing myself it really has negative affects on me mentally, physically and emotionally. I love my body and I think I'm at a good, solid weight, but I also like to be actively working out... you get the point!

Anyway, I worked my body hard {but not too hard} and now I need to take it easy this afternoon. It's so much easier for me to relax completely when I know I've done my body good!

See below & HOLLA BACK!!

Do you work out regularly? What activity(ies) do you enjoy to stay in shape? If so, how does it affect you when you get off track? How do you get yourself back in the game?

If you are inactive, why??

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  1. I love the post workout high. I'm so glad you were able to find a way to achieve that!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Thank you! I love it too and I was able to get another really good one in yesterday!! Post to come... :)


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