Friday, January 7, 2011


This morning I could NOT get out of bed. I really just couldn't do it. But of course, I had to work today so I really just didn't have much choice in the matter. While laying in bed and pressing SNOOZE for the 100th time, I remembered, I have turkey bacon in the fridge!! It sounded so good! So, I hopped out of bed and turned the oven on and put the bacon in right away. I set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes, and gave myself that deadline to get ready. Seriously. Since I never get into my sheets at night without showering first, I didn't feel too bad about not showering this morning. Also, I really wanted to wear leggings today, so that's how the outfit below happened. I dressed quickly and packed my lunch and all, by the time the timer buzzed!! Can you believe it?? Yes, you probably will when you notice the ponytail and lack of make up. But I managed to make it to work on time in a cozy Friday outfit. I was also in a great mood since I had eaten yummy bacon on the way!
hello thigh!

3/4 sleeve turtle neck - Old Navy {I wish I would have bought 10 of these}
black extended cami - f21
creme shrug - f21
grey leggings - AE
black wedge boots - Nordstrom by Jessica Simpson
cocktail ring - Aldo Shoes

Happy Friday!!

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