Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello there, blogworld friends!!
First of all, you will notice in my photos that I did my hair this morning!! Yay!! Also, I got my boots in the mail!!! These were the ones I ordered last week! I am just dying to style them!! Stay tuned because I will likely be wearing them tomorrow. I just honestly can't wait.

Today is a very important day here in Oregon. The University of Oregon Ducks {bleh, I'm a Beaver} will be playing in the BCS National Championships, against Auburn. Here's the thing, I love sports, so I am really excited to have a good time enjoying the game. I am sure even though I am a Beaver, NOT a Duck, you would expect that I would be cheering on the Ducks tonight just because hello, they are from Oregon and representing not only our state, but also the Pac-10. Well, that's just not the case. GO AUBURN TIGERS!!! The Beaver vs. Duck rivalry in Oregon is pretty intense, so I would say it's not out of the norm that I won't cheer for the Ducks tonight. Not that I care... either way I would be cheering for Auburn. I am super excited for the game!! I love big football games... the anticipation is killing me! Oh, and I can wear my new boots tonight!!! ROCK ON!

I cropped the dang shoes out! my bad... one day I will learn.
About the outfit... it's a little out of character for me to wear a purple skirt. I tend to be more classic and "safe" with my style. I have a goal to branch out a bit. This was WAY cheap {$7.49} at Old Navy, and I super love skirts, so decided to get it. It's a little bit short, but it works. Maybe next time I will try patterned tights with it, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet.

What do you think??
Do you ever challenge yourself with style??
black l/s top - f21
black extended tank - f21
purple corduroy skirt - Old Navy {it's the $7.49 one I bought yesterday}
black tights - Nordstrom Rack, Calvin Klein
black stilettos - Macy's, Jessica Simpson




  2. Thanks, Monica!!
    Linda, the game was awesome... just as I started to get bored it got GOOD! :)


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