Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Down Under!

Hey gorgeous readers!!

So this outfit is a fun one! My dad played in the World Masters' Games in Australia this past year, and he bought me this shirt at an art gallery or something! Doesn't he have fab taste?! I was pleasantly surprised! This top definitely beats some lame cotton t-shirt with a logo on the back!

Also, you may notice the link in my sidebar for Tobi.com., an online boutique. They are sponsoring my site. Basically, if you visit their site through my blog and order something using the promo code, "KRYSTLE20" to get a whoppin' 20% off, I get a very small percentage of the sale. Totally a win-win situation for all, ya?? I don't want to promote anything that I wouldn't use myself, so later this week I am going to order some clothes from them and I will give you all a review of the process. Stay tuned. Oh, and you should browse it a bit... they have some nice stuff!!

black skinny pants - Target
gray cami - ON
top - gift
black stilettos - Macy's by Jessica Simpson
cocktail ring - Aldo Shoes

**Edited to add... being my vain self I looked over this post and noticed the yucky camel toe! EWW!! Wanna know why?? I purchased the pants a size bigger because they were the last pair and so cheap!! I guess you can't win 'em all, can you??!


  1. That top is gorgeous!! Your dad has great taste :)

  2. good job daddy-o!! my dad would never have picked that out!!

    super cute



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