Monday, January 24, 2011

A Case of "The Mondays"

This will be short. I am trying to power through an awful workday. I am just in a lot of pain today. The good news is, work isn't too busy! I am going to try to work on my "About Me," after I post this! I took some photos on my lunch break, so I could get an outfit post in. As you can see, the goal today was comfort!! Weekend Snapshot post, tomorrow.

i wanted to show how the earrings match my sequins

in my dad's office with his blueprints!!

green leggings - AE
gray racer back tunic - Target
gray cardigan - Express
wedge boots - Nordstrom, by Jessica Simpson
earrings - AE

I often prefer leggings when I want to be comfortable. Also, tunics are great for bloating, or in my case, when I have a disposable heating pad {or two} sticking on my tummy! It usually hides it well!

What are your go-to pieces for comfort??

Happy Monday!


  1. you look great! you definitely have the legs to pull off leggings! and that cardigan is so cute!

  2. they are SO GREAT! I wear them almost daily!!

  3. thanks! I got it for $15 on sale!!

  4. i like detail on the cardigan. i am obsessed with cardigans lately, anything loose actually.


  5. Oh I totally love leggings for comfort too!! And those heating pads are a God-send!! I used them all the time!!

    <3 Ashley


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