Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Girls Definitely Cry!

Ok, ya'll said before to just say it when everything seems to be rough... Here goes:

I am sick for the 3rd time {on top of the "usual" stuff} since Christmas! I have actually never been this kind of sick. It is SUPER lame! I won't traumatize you with an outfit post! Haha. Im wearing a lil white t and some cozy sweatpants. I look and probably smell like barf. Keepin' it sexy and classy over at Krystle'sStyle today, no?! Jealous? Didn't think so. :) Can you tell I'm slowly losing my mind? It's the Gatorade I'm sippin'. Heavy stuff.

Ok, so I got my whining out now! You know, I am still really blessed! I have such an amazing family and group of friends! And if anyone is reading this, some loyal followers as well! I mean, times like this when I get really down, I think about people who don't have family 10 minutes away. My best friend lives in Montreal with no family, and not many friends. If this had happened to her, she wouldn't have had the Gatorade delivery I just recieved from my handsome brother. See, folks, there's a smile in every situation!

Oh, and anyone having a fat/ugly/ihavenothingtowear/bloated/bad hair day? You don't look worse than me, TRUST!

Ok, back to sippin my 'rade!

Happy Monday!
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  1. Thank you!! I am finally back at work!! Thanks for the encouragement! It's a challenge... I am hoping to step out and take some outfit photos today. :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon luv! Being sick is the worst! I still think you can do an outfit post on barfchic thought, lol. You deserve some kind of blogger award for being sick and blogging with no computer! SUPER IMPRESSIVE!

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