Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skin Care

I have always been one to take care of my skin and body. I love physical fitness and I am a total cosmetic whore!! I have TONS of "stuff." However, the past few months I've been dealing with acne. UGH!! I have a new respect and empathy for teenagers, because it really sucks!! I never had acne as a teen {yes, be jealous} but NOW, I have no idea why, I have been battling oil and other nastiness. So anyway, I have been taking extra care of my skin. I recently went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom to pick up some powder, and the kind lady also supplied me with some botanical skin care products- some for morning and some for bedtime. I have been following the regimen religiously. At first it seemed to be working great, but then the oil returned. Now I am using the more aggressive stuff every 3 days to try to keep things even. I have also started using eye cream. Yes, I am only in my 20's, but I thought, hey, why not start early? OK, confession time... I know I could go ahead and omit this information since it is my blog and if I want to, I can, but why don't I just be honest: I got the eye cream idea from the Kardashians. On Twitter, Khloe recently tweeted that their mother, Kris Jenner, has been using it since her 20's and she hasn't had to get any work done. So there, I admitted it!! I don't know why I am a little embarassed to admit that. haha. Anyway, back to the whole topic of skin care... since I have been taking extra care of my skin, I find that it makes me feel better in general. I think it does something to your confidence to know that you are really taking pride in yourself and investing in your beauty. I love that!!

Any products you prefer or recommend??

Well, I hope this post makes sense. I am really sick- feels like strep- so I am drugged up and feeling yucky!! Maybe I will work on my layout/background a bit today...

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  1. Hi Krystle, arrgggh!! I just wrote a long comment and hit the wrong button and lost it. I'm sending this from London - saw your message on FBFF and rather than reply what everyone else just did (about the header) I came to see your blog and saw this post. It's uncanny: I had the same thing. Perfect (or near perfect) skin as a teen and in my 20s it went crazy. In my case probably a combination of oily skin (which will be a blessing as you get older, trust me) and moving to NYC - the air, a tricky breakup with my boyfriend, going off the pill, and then trying to cover everything up with foundation.

    So I wanted to let you know about the best natural skin cream that I order from Kansas - I'm not kidding, this lovely woman, Sherri, sells it from her house and the scents are so yummy and because it's all natural it is the best thing for your skin. If you can bear it, try not to wear make up until it clears up, just wash your face with the plainest soap and use this for day:
    (my favourite scents are french vanilla pear, honeysuckle, coconut lime.. there are so many. just putting that scent on your face is just such a happy feeling, your skin just feels.. happy!)

    and around your eyes at night - it might sound crazy as this is called 'body frosting' but my mom and I both swear by it in lavender vanilla:

    I'm also following you, and adding you to my blog roll - under 'new baby blogs'. Good luck and FEEL BETTER. I hate that strep-like feeling, I got strep throat about 8 times when I was in 2nd grade. And that's just what the start of this year's flu feels like. Just go order yourself some of that great skin cream, put it in a nice glass jar when it arrives, and don't worry - all will be fine.

    jill @ http://www.polkadot.tv


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