Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One thing I am sure about is...


So, I haven't decided when I am going to begin 30 for 30,
mainly due to the holidays, but I do know I want to share my love of these blessed pieces!
Seriously, I love 'em and I have quite a few. They turn a, "I don'thaveanythingtowearandIwokeuplate" morning, into an easy outfit with plenty of style!

I usually pair with leggings and boots, and some accessories. Today I didn't do much in the accessory department, but usually I might wear some hoops {my favs are some large, thin gold ones from Bebe} and a cocktail ring. I think the perfect cocktail ring can turn a fairly stylish outfit into a to-die-for outfit! But that's just my lil' opinion. I just went with diamond studs today because I was really running late!

Sweater - indefinite borrow from Mom's closet
Camisole - Old Navy
Leggings - AE {love, LOVE} their leggings
Boots - Nordstrom, Jessica Simpson {I've had these boots at least 2 years, and I take great care of them because I love them! They are super versatile in my looks}

{Please excuse the "photography." I don't have someone to always take photos for me, so I am trying to find ways to do them myself without them looking bad...}

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