Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!

I have been on kind of a blogging hiatus. The whole camera cord issue is still a problem, but I am finding some ways around that. Also, of course, this time of year gets a little busy.

Anyway, this is the dress I wore for Christmas Eve. Our family hooks up with my aunt and uncle and cousins and some other dear friends for church in the afternoon, and then we head off to an A-mazing dinner at RingSide Steakhouse downtown. I had salmon and lobster tail with mashed potatoes and veggies. It was so good. So. Good. After that we head off to my aunt and uncle's house for desserts gifts {we draw names at Thanksgiving} and Scattegories, with Home Alone playing in the backgroud! This year was phenomenal! We had a loud, crazy, fun time and I loved every minute! I think we left near 2 am. My family is a lot of fun!!

feeling like black Barbie!
What kinds of traditions do you have??

my handsome brother and I

Dress - White House | BlackMarket
Black stilletos - Macy's, Jessica Simpson {not pictured, my bad}
Cocktail ring - White Hosue | Black Market... I am in love with that ring, by the way!

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