Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Element of Personal Style

Lately I have been thinking about personal style and what it means to me and to those around me. {And some other elements that I will explain} I feel like what I wear when I'm at home, when I'm out- always- says something about who I am. Modesty and class is important to me, but I also want to feel hot and beautiful. Some days I feel like wearing some cute jeans with boots and a plain l/s crew, and I feel just as beautful and just as "me" as I feel when I am in a skirt, stilletos, and a nice top! To feel good about my appearance on a given day, I just have to feel what I'm wearing. I have to feel the outfit, feel the accessories, and have a decent amount of time to have my hair done and the right touch of make-up. Does this sound vain or weird? I don't know... I am just rambling. But here's the real challenge: I make a point to "style" my heart and mind. A question I commonly as myself in the morning, "what does my heart look like?" Have I been negative lately? Is there someone I need to fogive? Have I made it a point to be extra dilligent in my work this week? Have I been a good servant to those around me? You know, those character things! Some days I feel I am lookin' good all around, and other days I know my attitude is just plain uuuuglY, and needs some adjustment ASAP! I know this kind of took another direction that you expected, but as much as I love fashion and clothes, the character is really the priority.

Any thoughts??

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  1. You're SO right! Style should be a reflection of our character, which should be a reflection of what's in our hearts. If we don't question ourselves, don't nurture and develop self-awareness, how do we evolve into better versions of ourselves? I'm with you, sister.

    For better or for worse, I have to take a realistic assessment of myself regularly and check those parts that aren't on their best behavior.

  2. hey there Fabienne! Thanks for responding!! Isn't this a thought-provoking topic?? I really do try to pay close attention to this! Thumbs up, lady!!


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