Friday, December 31, 2010

Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday!

New Year, new blog, new you... resolutions, goals for 2011

1. What's the one thing you vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve your blog?
Well, since I am sort of "new" at the fashion blogging, I am determined to establish what my blogging style really is. I want to establish a more clear picture for my readers of who I am and what my style really is. I also want to have something signature. What I mean by that is maybe a certain thing I blog about every Monday, for example.

2. What did you learn about blogging in 2010 that you plan to put into practice next year?
I am learning how fun this can be! From looking through many other fashion blogs, it's fun to see how personalized they are. It's great to see how creative and unique everyone is. I hope to establish that too! I want to get more followers that aren't just "following" me, but are really faithful readers who enjoy and appreciate my style!

3. Do you have any high-level goals for your blog in the coming year? Monetization? More comments? More connections with other bloggers? A new template?
As mentioned above, I hope to network more, and get some readers/followers who are fairly regular and enjoy me. Hopefully through that, more comments and networking, mutually. As for my template- it's getting much closer to where I would like it to be. There may be a few more tweaks, but I am starting to feel more satisfied. I also want to make sure I keep up with blogging regularly and make a goal of {starting with} 3 outfit posts a week.

4. If you could collaborate with one other blogger within your sphere of influence in 2011, who would you like to collaborate with, and what would you like to collaborate on?
Wow... that's something I will have to think about more. I think I am still getting a feel for my blogging style, as well as others'.

5. What do you plan to do to support other bloggers next year?
I want to definitely develop some "favorites." I also want to get better at being supportive with comments. Also, as I get more acquainted with all of this, I plan to add something to my blog to get other readers and bloggers involved and connected!

{ModlyChic is the founder of FBFF- Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday; visit her blog here}

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still lost...

Well, I think my camera cord has been lost for over a week now. HUGE bummer. Still, on some computers {just not mine} I am able to just put my memory card in and retrieve them. Oh, you have no idea what a process it is, but it's allll good 'cause even though I only got one good shot, I have an outfit post for ya! Just bare with me though, I forgot {again} to make sure my hot shoes were included. Let's just pretend I did that on purpose.... you know, just to show the versatility of this outfit. You could go with stilettos, booties, knee-high boots, over the knee boots... you get the idea! In this case I believe I went with some Jessica Simpson boots on this one. Yes, I know... I think in every outfit post so far I have been wearing boots by her. It's not because I have been wearing the same ones, it's also not because I am a big fan or anything - but I do own I think, 4 pairs of her shoes just because I happen to like them. Thanks, Jessica. You may not know the difference between tuna and chicken but you can design some damn hot shoes!!!

Purple top - H&M
Shrug - f21
Skinny jeans - AE
Boots - Nordstrom by Jessica Simpson
Black, flower cocktail ring - Target
Earrings - AE

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skin Care

I have always been one to take care of my skin and body. I love physical fitness and I am a total cosmetic whore!! I have TONS of "stuff." However, the past few months I've been dealing with acne. UGH!! I have a new respect and empathy for teenagers, because it really sucks!! I never had acne as a teen {yes, be jealous} but NOW, I have no idea why, I have been battling oil and other nastiness. So anyway, I have been taking extra care of my skin. I recently went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom to pick up some powder, and the kind lady also supplied me with some botanical skin care products- some for morning and some for bedtime. I have been following the regimen religiously. At first it seemed to be working great, but then the oil returned. Now I am using the more aggressive stuff every 3 days to try to keep things even. I have also started using eye cream. Yes, I am only in my 20's, but I thought, hey, why not start early? OK, confession time... I know I could go ahead and omit this information since it is my blog and if I want to, I can, but why don't I just be honest: I got the eye cream idea from the Kardashians. On Twitter, Khloe recently tweeted that their mother, Kris Jenner, has been using it since her 20's and she hasn't had to get any work done. So there, I admitted it!! I don't know why I am a little embarassed to admit that. haha. Anyway, back to the whole topic of skin care... since I have been taking extra care of my skin, I find that it makes me feel better in general. I think it does something to your confidence to know that you are really taking pride in yourself and investing in your beauty. I love that!!

Any products you prefer or recommend??

Well, I hope this post makes sense. I am really sick- feels like strep- so I am drugged up and feeling yucky!! Maybe I will work on my layout/background a bit today...

Monday, December 27, 2010


So... about a year or maybe even two years ago, I purchased a set of false eye lashes by Make Up Forever, at Sephora. I have never used them, although recently I have been trying to think of an appropriate occasion to try them out. Since we were dressing semi-formal for Christmas Eve Dinner, I chose that night! Well, they worked great! I was in a hurry to get ready that afternoon, and I had both on in about ten (or less) minutes! The glue wasn't messy at all, and they lashes went on perfectly. I didn't have to cut them or anything, because they were made pretty natural looking. Way to go, Make Up Forever!! That set had been sitting for at least a year and I loved them!! This was the photo that showed them best. I am going to get more and wear them more often.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!

I have been on kind of a blogging hiatus. The whole camera cord issue is still a problem, but I am finding some ways around that. Also, of course, this time of year gets a little busy.

Anyway, this is the dress I wore for Christmas Eve. Our family hooks up with my aunt and uncle and cousins and some other dear friends for church in the afternoon, and then we head off to an A-mazing dinner at RingSide Steakhouse downtown. I had salmon and lobster tail with mashed potatoes and veggies. It was so good. So. Good. After that we head off to my aunt and uncle's house for desserts gifts {we draw names at Thanksgiving} and Scattegories, with Home Alone playing in the backgroud! This year was phenomenal! We had a loud, crazy, fun time and I loved every minute! I think we left near 2 am. My family is a lot of fun!!

feeling like black Barbie!
What kinds of traditions do you have??

my handsome brother and I

Dress - White House | BlackMarket
Black stilletos - Macy's, Jessica Simpson {not pictured, my bad}
Cocktail ring - White Hosue | Black Market... I am in love with that ring, by the way!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sad Face


Well, I cannot find my camera cord, therefore, I cannot post photos for now. MAJOR bummer, because I have some good ones... some outfits... some weekend photos, etc. It just isn't the same without the photos. ugh. I guess I will catch up in the next couple of days.... until then,


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Element of Personal Style

Lately I have been thinking about personal style and what it means to me and to those around me. {And some other elements that I will explain} I feel like what I wear when I'm at home, when I'm out- always- says something about who I am. Modesty and class is important to me, but I also want to feel hot and beautiful. Some days I feel like wearing some cute jeans with boots and a plain l/s crew, and I feel just as beautful and just as "me" as I feel when I am in a skirt, stilletos, and a nice top! To feel good about my appearance on a given day, I just have to feel what I'm wearing. I have to feel the outfit, feel the accessories, and have a decent amount of time to have my hair done and the right touch of make-up. Does this sound vain or weird? I don't know... I am just rambling. But here's the real challenge: I make a point to "style" my heart and mind. A question I commonly as myself in the morning, "what does my heart look like?" Have I been negative lately? Is there someone I need to fogive? Have I made it a point to be extra dilligent in my work this week? Have I been a good servant to those around me? You know, those character things! Some days I feel I am lookin' good all around, and other days I know my attitude is just plain uuuuglY, and needs some adjustment ASAP! I know this kind of took another direction that you expected, but as much as I love fashion and clothes, the character is really the priority.

Any thoughts??

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tweet, tweet!

So... I started a Twitter account!! I'm not sure if I will stick with it or not, but we'll see! I'm following some different fashion sites and things like that. It should be interesting!

Anyone else tweeting?!??

Feel free to follow me @krystlesstyle


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Friday, December 17, 2010

This one or that one??

So you may have noticed that my blog is looking a little totally different from day to day! No, you're not seeing things... I am still sort of "shopping around" to find the look that's really me, and really my style. I am ok with the one I have for now, but honestly it's going to change again soon. As soon as I have the time to really sit down and get it together. Please be patient with me as I get it figured out.

Love at First Sight!!

Grosgrain Flower Tote
Grosgrain Flower Tote

Ok, I am in love with this bag by Lanvin!! There's a reason why it's an Editor's Pick on StyleList! Hot, right?? Actually the one in blue marine is the one I'm majorly lusting right now, but I couldn't get a good photo of it.

Falabella Big Tote
Studded Eco Suede Shopper

And Stella McCartney's Falabella Big Tote is tugging at my heart today as well!! This bag is HOT!!

Croc Effect Bow Clutch Bag
I love this clutch by Mango Olsen!! And it's actually only $43.10, so
I think I may have to splurge on this one asap!!

Metallic Amalia Tote, Bronze
Metellic Amalia Tote

Fabulous. Enough said.

Salvatore Ferragamo Cocktail Norina Clutch
Cocktail Norina Clutch
This Clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo is to die for! I can see it completing a look perfectly with a little black dress.

AND one more thing... just to be girly--

Heart Clear Crystal Key Ring
Heart Clear Crystal Key Ring
Isn't this just the cutest thing??
{shop Swarovski}

... so that's it... well, I could go on and on and ON, but these are my fashion crushes of the day!!

Which ones do you like???

{photos via}

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One thing I am sure about is...


So, I haven't decided when I am going to begin 30 for 30,
mainly due to the holidays, but I do know I want to share my love of these blessed pieces!
Seriously, I love 'em and I have quite a few. They turn a, "I don'thaveanythingtowearandIwokeuplate" morning, into an easy outfit with plenty of style!

I usually pair with leggings and boots, and some accessories. Today I didn't do much in the accessory department, but usually I might wear some hoops {my favs are some large, thin gold ones from Bebe} and a cocktail ring. I think the perfect cocktail ring can turn a fairly stylish outfit into a to-die-for outfit! But that's just my lil' opinion. I just went with diamond studs today because I was really running late!

Sweater - indefinite borrow from Mom's closet
Camisole - Old Navy
Leggings - AE {love, LOVE} their leggings
Boots - Nordstrom, Jessica Simpson {I've had these boots at least 2 years, and I take great care of them because I love them! They are super versatile in my looks}

{Please excuse the "photography." I don't have someone to always take photos for me, so I am trying to find ways to do them myself without them looking bad...}

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Snapshot

Well, this weekend was rather lazy. I wasn't feeling too well - hence,
my lack of recent posts here lately - but I managed to get some things done anyway!

I finished a really fun, cute book that was just a quick read I had purchased earlier in the week.


It's called Kardashian Konfidential, by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. You can purchase it here.
It was a really cute book, and although I am not quite their biggest fan or anything, I think their show is pretty funny, and their book was quite entertaining.

Other than that, Friday night was just time to relax!!


Friday night I started some holiday crafts that I would continue working on throughout the weekend. Mostly custom made cards. I love to spill my craft supplies all over the floor and let the creative energy flow! It can take me hours to make just one card, but they are each unique, stylish, and made with so. much. love. That's the best part!
{photos to come}

I also, have never watched a single episode of Sex & the City. I know, I know, but it's true. I have honestly never been one to watch much television. But yesterday I watched both movies OnDemand, and I thought the first one was pretty cute.
Sex and the City

I baked brownies {gluten & dairy free of course}, and did more work on my cards.
I also did some pampering. I did at home mani & peds that I do weekly. I also have a little routine I like to do to keep my feet nice and soft. You know they can get a little rough when you wear heels often! I put some foot cream {I prefer Bath & Body Works' "Shea it Isn't So" foot cream} and a thick layer of Eucerin on my feet and put thick, thick socks on for a few hours and when you remove the socks your feet are fresh and smooth!! Using a pumice in the shower first makes the results a bit better, by the way.
As usual, I did quite a bit of reading, too! In addition to Kardashian Konfidential {mentioned above},currently I am reading a chic lit book called, Lipstick Jungle, by Candace Bushnell. I also flipped through "How to Have Style," by Isaac Mezherai, and "Style" by Lauren Conrad, while working on a lil project that I will share soon.

So that was basically my weekend. I really didn't socialize much since I wasn't feeling better, but my projects were lots of fun, and I enjoy solitude, so it was a good, restful weekend.

How was yours???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Banana Bread

{this bread recipe is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. You can also use chopped apples rather than bananas as the main ingredient-Pink Lady & Honeycrisp are good for that}

The *starred* items represent substitutes or additions I have made.

1&1/2- 2 overripe bananas, smashed
3/4 c sugar*
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1&1/4 c brown rice flour
1/4 c vegetable oil
1/4 c flax seeds*

* I usually substitute organic applesauce from Trader Joe's for sugar
* I also added the flax

Preheat oven 350`

Grease 1 loaf pan or 2 mini loaf pans

Combine: fruit, sugar*, vanilla, eggs

Mix: brown rice flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt

Mix everything together, add oil and flax

Pour into loaf pan

**I like to sprinkle some brown sugar and gf oats on top.**

Bake for 35-40 min

homemade goodness

I love this recipe! Feel free to experiment with it some to make it your own. For example, the original recipe {I found on the internet} did not mention applesauce or flax seeds. I added them myself.

I have also used this recipe sans fruit and sugar/applesauce for a plain bread. It turned out great to pair with almond/peanut butter, or dipping into balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Friday, December 3, 2010

I Won!!

I have mentioned Monica's blog on here before. She is so creative and so artistic!! Well, She was hosting a giveaway there recently, and I entered and won! So fun! The post announcing it is here. I will be receiving a handmade, paper star garland. It is really pretty!! Yay!
Well, I am having a busy morning but I just thought I would share my excitement!

My prize
Happy Friday, everyone!! Please check out Homemade by Monica. You will not be disappointed!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do Something!

"Beat the Blues" Tip #2- Do Something!!

Here are a few ways:

* Exercise! Why? There are endorphins released in our bodies that can literally lift your mood when you exercise. Not only that, but going for a walk/run, bike riding/cycling, yoga...anything that gets your heart rate up and gets your body moving, is great for your overall physical health. Many people tend to gain a few pounds over the holidays with all of the yummy meals and desserts at parties. This is a great way to prevent the weight gain {although it's probably best to enjoy your treats in moderation in the first place}. As I said in my previous post {on beating the blues} there's something for everyone. Some may have limits to how much physical activity is healthy for their bodies, such as injuries or chronic illness. If this applies to you, try stretching. At the end of the day I like to roll out my yoga mat and stretch my entire body while letting my nails dry, watching a movie, talking on the {speaker} phone, etc. There's a lot you can do while you're stretching!
Brian Stevenson Photography ~ Me

* Do something EVERY day. Let me explain. Choose a specific ritual {be sure it's realistic & attainable} and be sure to do it every single day. This was suggested to me over a year ago, and I loved it. My example is making your bed. This is enough of a challenge that after a few months you feel really good about yourself for keeping it up, but it is not as difficult as something like going for a run. That's not as attainable. I did this for a whole year, and it was really cool. {I fell off the wagon during moving, but I'm trying to get back into it} Even on a sick day, I would make my bed in the morning before getting back into it. It feels good to begin the day doing something productive. Any other ideas for this one??

* Spend time with people. Basically, don't isolate yourself. I am sooo guilty of this one! When I'm feeling crummy I just don't answer my phone, don't make plans, cancel plans, etc. It is so unhealthy, but also sometimes the natural thing to do when you're feeling down. I challenge myself to make plans anyway, and I rarely regret it! If making plans isn't something you feel you can do, choose a friend or two that you feel comfortable with venting to when you're having a rough time. Then pick up the phone and let them know you need some love! Gosh, I just don't know what I would do without those special people in my life!

* Vitamins! Obviously, check with your dr. about what your body needs, but eating a well balanced diet, and taking vitamin supplements is very important! Also, have you had your Vitamin D checked recently? Vitamin D can really affect your mood. This part is especially important if you have darker skin, or if you live in a region that doesn't get much sunlight. I am African American, and I live in the rainy NW, so taking my D is really important! I had my levels checked last year to get a baseline. Ask your medical provider for recommendations on this.

* Hobby. Do something you love. Something I enjoy about hobbies is that they tend do produce something you're proud of. Some examples are; scrap booking, photography, crafts, sewing, painting, or knitting-my personal favorite!

* Show some love. Do something to serve others. Send a card to a friend as a simple reminder you love them. Donate time, items, or money to a charity or cause that you're passionate about. This one could go many different ways, but the point of it is that it simply feels good to serve others {in my opinion}!!

{Let me know if you have other ideas!}

Beat those Blues!!

*** this post does not replace the advice of medical professionals. If you are currently receiving medical treatment for clinical depression, do not alter your treatment plan without first consulting your medical provider. If you suspect you may be suffering from clinical depression, please seek a medical professional. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, call 911 or seek medical treatment immediately.***


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